Wednesday, May 25, 2022

My Jewish Listings creates a new site for kosher connections and targets business cultivation.

(Courtesy of myjewishlistings.com) Long-time friends Daniel Kramer and Doni Schwartz had great success with their online Passover program business, Passover Listings. On this site, vacationers can find a wide array of Passover programs and reviews to pick the best trip for the family. Kramer and Schwartz saw a space in the market to do more for the Jewish world and created a new website, My Jewish Listings.

My Jewish Listings was orchestrated to support both businesses and consumers. Much like a Jewish and Kosher search engine, the site hosts valuable information in three main areas: Jewish-based businesses, Kosher restaurants and Kosher travel.

“Our goal is to foster the growth of Jewish businesses through transparent reviews from real people,” said Schwartz. “My Jewish Listings focuses the customer experience on honest and reliable reviews to accomplish this goal, much like a complete Jewish version of Yelp or Tripadvisor.” Discovering prices, reviews and amenities across all Jewish business categories, including travel and Kosher restaurants is supported by a more user-friendly platform.

Thousands of businesses have already been listed, with companies like NHC Aesthetics & Wellness, which get many new people to their listings and get in touch with people who want to find out more about their business. Other great businesses like Graduate to Employment, which helps students obtain positions at reputable companies; and Rivka Holzer Events, a well-known event planner, are able to promote their businesses and show people all the amazing things they have to offer.

My Jewish Listings not only allows customers to connect and support local Jewish-owned businesses, but also creates a space where people can find relevant and up-to-date information about Kosher restaurants that have recently opened or closed. Delicious Kosher recipes and business tricks and tips can also be found on the articles section of My Jewish Listings.

With thousands of customer searches and reviews, My Jewish Listings allows businesses to direct advertising engagement within the Jewish community. The site offers a range of options to their clientele, including social media and email marketing, as well as podcast interviews and blog posts.

“My Jewish Listings really helped my business connect with valuable customers in my area,” said Sarah Steigers, a Jewish business owner in New York. “With their useful dashboard, I’m able to see the leads I’ve obtained and see how many people have viewed and been directed to my website. Since joining My Jewish Listings, I’ve seen more sales in my business.”

In addition to Jewish business listings and Jewish travel support, My Jewish Listings has created a partnership with Yitzie Katz, the creator of Kosher GPS, which is the largest kosher restaurant app globally. The app functions to show where the nearest kosher restaurants are. In late 2021, Kosher GPS will be the largest site where customers can place an order directly from their favorite Kosher restaurant, leave a review and find a daily or weekly discount or promotion.

At the moment, Kosher GPS has thousands of Kosher restaurants all over the U.S., Canada, Panama, England and France—and they continue to grow that list. Katz goes through rigorous checks on the kashrut of each business added, but recommends verifying Kashrut at these establishments. The partnership with Kosher GPS will give people a way to feel secure when dining at a restaurant or ordering out.

My Jewish Listings has been focused on helping the Jewish community and allowing new and existing Jewish businesses to thrive. To find out more about them and other Jewish-owned businesses near you, head to their website at myjewishlistings.com or join their Facebook group.

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