Thursday, January 20, 2022

Sudshare, an on-demand laundry pickup, cleaning and delivery service, is expanding to New Jersey. SudShare is like Uber, but for laundry. The app connects people who have piles of laundry, but no time, with people who want to turn their washer and dryer into a work-from-home gig.

SudShare was first launched in 2018, when Nachshon Fertel, a Jewish yeshiva student at Yeshivas Aish Kodesh in Norfolk, Virginia, and one of three triplets, grew tired of his mom asking him to do his laundry.

To quote his mom, Ari Fertel: “I was homeschooling five kids, so we had a ton of laundry. I could tap an app and get to the airport, FaceTime someone on the other side of the world and deposit a check without going to the bank, but I was still spending hours doing laundry like my mom and grandma did. Nachshon wouldn’t help with the laundry, but he solved the problem for me with code.”

It turns out that Nachshon’s code helped more than just his mom, because within a few years, SudShare had expanded into the first nationwide laundry service, and is now the largest of its kind in the world. Despite that, SudShare doesn’t own a single laundry machine, and in large part owes its success to the more than 20,000 independent contractors (or “Sudsters”) using SudShare to make a living on their own hours, while primarily working from home.

SudShare is nationwide, but it’s family owned and operated. “The on-demand space is filled with huge public companies whose workers feel invisible and at odds with their well-funded apps,” explained CEO Mort Fertel, “but we stay close to our Sudsters. They’re part of our family. We talk to them every day. Recently I flew to Las Vegas to visit a Sudster who got into a car accident and I met with other Sudsters at his house.

“That’s what SudShare is about. Kindness and connection. It doesn’t matter how much money they pour into marketing campaigns, Uber can’t compete with that.” 

To learn more, visit Sudshare.com

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