Monday, March 27, 2023

With more and more colleges going “test-optional,” the emphasis on standardized tests, like the SAT or ACT, is quickly being replaced with a focus on high school GPA scores. For decades high schoolers were told to diligently prepare for the standardized test, in some cases framing it as the most important variable in a school’s decision-making process. That’s all changing as recent studies show a more reliable predictor of whether a student does well in college is his or her high school grades.

Professor Denis Ross, a veteran educator, recently launched Advanced Placement Ivy League Tutoring Services LLC, a virtual tutoring service designed to help students improve their grade point average.

Ross received a bachelor of arts degree from Rutgers College and a Ph.D. and master’s degree from Columbia University. He has been an educator for more than three decades, specializing in AP American history, honors American history and AP U.S. government and politics. Ross was awarded the Princeton, New Jersey Area School District Teacher of the Year and has taught American History and American Government at Mercer Community College, Rutgers University and Passaic County Community College. After years in the classroom, he decided to pivot his calling and focus on tutoring high school juniors and seniors.

“I enjoy working with kids and consider it an art form,” said Ross, who is especially good at honing what each student needs to work on. “As a professor, I always leaned towards preparing kids for the classroom rather than teaching for tests. The people in power have figured out that standardized tests are not all that useful in the long run,” which means a student’s grades from junior and senior year in high school will be even more important when applying to college.

Since the start of the pandemic, Ross has been working with students virtually, and believes technology has changed the way we approach education. In this hi-tech age it’s easy to provide effective online teaching, he said, adding that students appreciate the flexibility virtual sessions offer. He said his thorough and detailed sessions allow students to gain even more from the virtual experience by avoiding the hassle of traveling to and from each appointment.

Ross specializes in American history, government and politics, but will certainly explore other proficiencies, such as writing and critical thinking skills, as needed. His objective is not only to teach his students, but also to provide a clear understanding of these subjects and their relevance in everyday life.

As a tutor, Ross is dedicated to each student’s academic progress, and supports a higher level of thinking, personal growth, good study habits and increased self-esteem. Students attest to his commitment to helping them succeed, not only in the given subject matter but also as an independent learner, many leaving such comments on his website as “He makes complicated things easy to understand” and “Can history really be interesting? He makes it come alive.”

“The satisfaction and pleasure of impacting young people’s lives and getting them to understand the importance of learning about history and government is very meaningful to me,” said Ross. “I am hopeful that when we together succeed, they will not only excel in their classrooms, but will also be prepared for their forthcoming college career.”

For more information, please email [email protected] or call 973-610-6213.

By Andrea Nissel

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