Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Are you looking for a professional makeup artist to highlight your best features for that special day? Look no further than Teaneck’s Dori Cohen of adoriblefaces. An experienced makeup artist who specializes in bridal makeup and parties, Dori will be there on your big day to make you look and feel like your best self, inside and out.

Growing up in Freehold, New Jersey, Dori always loved to paint and draw. When the beauty industry blew up on YouTube and other social media platforms, she found herself drawn to the world of cosmetics and skincare, always anxiously awaiting the next tutorial or blog post from her favorite influencers.

While still in high school, Dori often practiced on herself, friends and family, sometimes just for fun, but other times to help them get ready for a special event or simcha. Plenty of people started to take notice and before long she had a growing list of clients. The summer after she completed high school she went to work in a makeup store where she gained a tremendous amount of experience. In addition to regularly applying makeup to customers, she said, “I learned managerial skills on how to successfully operate a business.” That pivotal experience allowed her to seriously pursue her own business in freelance makeup artistry.

Interestingly, however, that was not part of her original plan. In the fall she began attending Touro-Lander College for Women, where she majored in Communication Sciences and Disorders. She was studying to become a speech pathologist or audiologist. “I learned invaluable skills about communications,” she said.

“I’ve always loved science, which is why I went into the sciences at school. Interestingly, there is a science side to makeup: I need to know which products can and cannot interact both in makeup and skincare. I am also well-versed in color theory—I need to know which colors are used to correct complexion, and which are used to highlight a person’s skin tone and features.” Dori’s passion for makeup extends to skincare, what’s best for which skin types and how it interacts with makeup based on different ingredients found in different products.

During college, Dori’s weekends were spent working as a makeup artist. It was during her first semester that she booked her first bride. Soon after that her weekends rapidly started booking up as her cosmetic skills were in high demand, primarily for bridal parties. By the time college ended Dori realized that she wanted to pursue her creative outlet and become a makeup artist full-time.

While brides account for the majority of her clientele, Dori also does makeup for bar and bat mitzvahs and any other simchas and occasions, including girls’ night out, birthday parties and corporate events. She organizes makeup parties and says it’s a fun activity and an interesting way to celebrate. Depending on what the clients want, she’ll arrange the evening’s festivities by giving tutorials, demonstrations or anything else they have in mind that will make it more engaging.

For those wanting to learn how to apply makeup on their own or simply brush up on their application skills, Dori will go through her clients’ own makeup kits, teaching them tips and tricks on how best to use what they have and advise them on which products would work best for them. “I know I love makeup but it’s also fun for people who don’t really know about makeup. We could do a beginner level. We could do a more advanced level depending on what you are comfortable with.”

She even offers classes for aspiring makeup artists where she will either give one-on-one demonstrations or bring in models to illustrate lessons.

Dori has been doing professional makeup artistry for over six years. Although COVID put her business on a bit of a hold, she is thankful that she was still able to book clients and maintain a busy schedule.

As for what she likes best about what she does, she said: “My favorite part about the job is probably making people feel beautiful and confident.” She feels the most fulfilled after she gets a text following a client’s wedding day telling her how beautiful the bride felt.

“I’m delighted to hear that but I feel even more amazing when someone tells me how relaxed I made them feel and how much like themselves I made them feel. So it’s very important to me to make them feel beautiful, but I want them to feel like themselves.” Dori said her goal is not to transform faces to make people look like someone different, but rather to enhance their faces by bringing out the already beautiful features they possess.

“I’m honored to be in such an industry that is full of simcha. I go into work everyday and it is smiley and happy and I love that about my job. And I think it’s so special and I am always honored when a bride, or any client really, trusts me on their most special day…I’m there to make them happy but I am grateful to my clients for trusting me.”

To contact Dori Cohen of adoriblefaces or learn tips, tricks and tutorials, visit her on social media, Instagram: [email protected] Facebook: adoriblefaces Email: [email protected]

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