Saturday, March 25, 2023

When Dani Caplan was growing up in Edison, New Jersey his parents Naomi and Josh were often told by his teachers that he was constantly smiling. Let’s just say he was and is a pretty happy-go-lucky guy. In August 2021, right after his wife Rina gave birth to their first child, Liora, in Netanya, Israel, he launched his website, FrumMerch.com, to share his humor with the greater Jewish community. Need a “tequila gedolah” cup or a “Baby Shtark” shirt for the kids? Look no further than FrumMerch.com.

FrumMerch has reached Jews from all backgrounds, including actor Josh Malina, who played Will Bailey on NBC’s “The West Wing” and the university president on “The Big Bang Theory.” Leading into the Chanukah season of 2021, Malina tweeted out to his 300,000 followers “Excellent Hanukkah gift options here! Frummerch.com.” He also told his followers, “I Heart @FrumMerch!” while sporting the website’s “Fleishig” shirt.

With FrumMerch’s second year underway, Caplan is looking to scale up the business and create “Simcha Merch.” Do you have a great idea for weddings or bar/bat mitzvah shtick but don’t know how to design and print it? Caplan will take your idea, make different design options, and deliver it to your front door. It’s that simple!

For those who are a bit nervous to bust out the dance shoes in front of their family and friends in the schtick circle, Frummerch can make some great custom T-shirts and save the wearer the embarrassment!

Caplan told the Jewish Link that in the 15 months the company has been in operation, Frummerch has served over 140 customers and their biggest order was for five different items. It offers printed t-shirts, mugs, glass cups, kids shirts and sweaters with clever and witty comments and images that relate to observant Jewish life.

For more information, reach out to Caplan at [email protected] or via Whatsapp at +972-58-647-4128. To take a peek at the current FrumMerch products, visit https://www.frummerch.com (even if just for the laughs).

By Dani Caplan and Harry Glazer


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