April 18, 2024
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April 18, 2024
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Camp 613 Unveils New Activities and Leaders for Summer 2019

Summer is all about having fun, and Camp 613 is determined to make this summer everyone’s best one yet. “We’re so excited to have added incredible and qualified new staff to our roster,” said executive director Aliza Fischman. Heading the girls for grades 1-8 is Miriam Shapiro. Originally from Los Angeles, California, Shapiro moved to Teaneck three years ago and immediately wowed everyone with her enthusiasm and creativity. Currently a preschool morah at the Rosenbaum Yeshiva of North Jersey, she brings with her over 15 years of experience in education.

Dahlia Sulimanoff will head the preschool division. Not only is she an experienced teacher, but she has a background in special education. “I am looking forward to using my many years of experience in both formal and informal educational settings to create a fun summer filled with engaging, creative, exciting activities,” said Sulimanoff. “Summer is a great time to create new and lasting friendships, which is a hallmark of the Camp 613 experience.”

These new faces will join many of the familiar Camp 613 friends and family members. Rabbi Daniel Herrmann will return as the camp director and Rabbi Josh Rossman as the division head for boys, having spent the past summer as the learning rebbe. But the new learning rebbe’s name won’t be too difficult for campers to remember: Rabbi Josh’s brother, Rabbi Dov Rossman, will be stepping into the rebbe shoes. “What’s great is that even with roles changing and new staff starting, many of the administrative positions are filled by longtime Camp 613 staff and familiar faces,” said Fischman. “So while there’s positive change, there’s still stability.”

Rabbi Josh Rossman is excited for his new role: “As head of the boys division, I have loved watching the campers develop relationships with their peers and their counselors. I love having a small and warm camp atmosphere, with large camp resources,” he said.

“One of the things that differentiates Camp 613 is its unique indoor and outdoor facilities,” said Fischman. “Even on scorching hot days when it’s too painful to think about leaving air conditioning for minute, we can bring our campers inside to a healthy, safe, cool and fun environment.” Even the pool at Camp 613 is indoors, allowing swimming in any weather. The camp grounds also boast a variety of other facilities including rock climbing, ice skating, bounce houses and climbing structures.

“Camp doesn’t miss a beat,” said Rabbi Herrmann. “If it’s raining, if it’s prohibitively hot, programming continues.”

Another part of the Camp 613 experience is the strong focus on Torah as part of the summer fun. In the fun and active camp environment, learning becomes another part of the day and something to which the campers look forward. “Often during lunch we call campers up and interview them,” said Rabbi Herrmann. “If asked for their three favorite parts of camp, of course there’s the usual ‘skating’ or ‘sports,’ but very often our campers also name shiur as one of their favorites, and it’s such a highlight for us to hear.”

“Rabbi Josh and Rabbi Dov both bring a hands-on, interactive approach to the learning for camp,” said Fischman, and recounted an instance when Rabbi Josh brought a life-size moose to camp and, as the children climbed all over it, launched into an explanation of antlers on a moose versus horns on a ram and how it all plays out for use in a shofar.

“This is a summer lesson the campers will remember, and that is how our learning rebbes approach their time with the campers,” said Rabbi Herrmann.

“We really try to consider everyone’s needs at all levels,” said Fischman. “Even our swimming program tries to adapt.
We know the youngest campers can’t stand in a 3-foot shallow section, so our pool has a platform that raises them up,” she explained, and added how this sets the campers up for a lifetime of comfort in water. The camp provides both instructional and recreational swim to all the campers.

In addition to new staff, new programming is already in the works. Each summer the girls have a popular end-of-camp presentation; a campwide song and dance that works with a show or a theme and is performed for mothers, sisters, grandmothers and other women. Rabbi Herrmann has been working with Rabbi Josh to put together an end-of-summer program for the boys as well. This summer, Camp 613 is bringing parents and sons together for a siyum as a culmination of the learning over the summer. “This will be an opportunity for families to celebrate the accomplishments of their campers over the course of the summer,” Rabbi Herrmann explained.

Fischman is also excited to welcome back many veteran staff members. Lisa Gold holds a master’s in musical theater and has been the creative director at the camp since its inception. She continues to produce the fun and lively camp-wide summer productions to which the girls look forward each year. “I have parents tell me their daughters plan sleepaway sessions around the show, to make sure they don’t miss the chance to be a part of it,” said Fischman.

Miriam Rosenfeld runs the crafts and the art programming at camp. Her creativity and ability to create projects that students can feel proud of and enjoy creating is another favorite part of camp. “Miriam creates fun, creative projects that allow each child to shine,” said Fischman.

“We boast two camp nurses, qualified to take care of a range of medical needs,” said Fischman. Yael Rosman and Ayelet Mermelstein will return to tend to everything from a Band-Aid to allergies, or anything else children may need.

Camp 613 invites the community to see the wonderful environment firsthand. Prospective families, current families, families who have been part of Camp 613 in the past and new families are all invited on March 3, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., to the grounds at 18 College Road, Monsey, New York, for an open house and reunion. There will be arts and crafts activities, raffles and ice skating for the whole family, as well as the chance to see the beautiful campus and meet the staff. RSVPs are requested. Please visit www.tinyurl.com/613ReunionOpenHouse2019

“We have families who have been with the camp since their oldest child was in preschool and now have their youngest part of Camp 613, and the family still loves coming to camp,” said Fischman. “This is a wonderful, special camp environment and we can’t wait for the chance to share it with everyone.”

By Jenny Gans

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