December 1, 2023
December 1, 2023

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Campmor: The Experience Retail Store for Your Next Adventure

Campmor is an outdoor-lover’s ideal workshop. The stores are staffed by a team of experts happy to share their knowledge. Filled with kayaks, boots and tents, the store has everything a person could need when planning an outdoor adventure, and with summer at our doorsteps, there are now more reasons than ever to get outside, enjoy the nice weather and do some adventuring.

Campmor is a family-owned business that describes itself as “Your quickest link to the outdoors.” They cover your everyday essentials all the way to water bottles and flashlights.

“We have a large selection of everything you could need,” Trish Barry, Campmor’s director of ecommerce shared with The Jewish Link. “Duffle bags are a big thing for us now because of how useful they are: If you have a kid going to summer camp or are getting ready to move a teen into a dorm room for college, you’re going to need something heavy-duty to hold everything they have.”

Open since 1978, Campmor has become a first-stop destination for many families upon deciding on a vacation. At this time of the year, though, most families are in the middle of getting their kids ready for camp. For that, Campmor is exceptionally prepared.

“We have so many useful items for summer camp, either the day or sleepaway version,” Barry said. “We have sleeping bags of all sizes, lanterns, bug spray. Kids also do a lot of running during the summer, so it’s important to have a good pair of shoes to keep their feet well protected.”

For those leaning more towards a road trip than summer camp, Campmor also has you covered.

“We have these rooftop tents, which are a cool kind of tent that go on top of your cars or truck, and you can actually sleep in,” Barry continued. “And if you need help with storage for a long trip, we have cargo boxes and carriers that attach outside to your car so there’s extra room inside.”

The store features a range of products from trendy brands such as Columbia, Patagonia and Stingray. For sock lovers, they also offer comfy, fun designs that are suitable for long hours spent on hiking trails.

“The range of different things we sell is why people love coming back to our store,” Barry said. “It’s not just that they’re looking for a certain item, but that they also want to see what’s new and popular, and so we really do our best to always offer the latest items. It’s just a fun store to be in.”

One of the most important aspects of Campmor is how they pride themselves on their customer service. When patrons visit one of their stores they are greeted by staff who are not just eager to assist, but are also active participants the sport or activity they are representing.

“The staff are experts on all the categories we have in the store,” Barry continued, “so if you go to the kayak section, the workers there are people who are kayak fanatics and go for trips on the weekends. And they’re happy to help people at any level of expertise: from experts all the way to people who are just starting out. So when you come to Campmor you’re not just getting what you need for your trip, you’re also getting our staff’s guidance on how to make the most of it.”

Campmor’s Paramus branch is located at 810 NJ-17 North in Paramus. If you would like to learn more about their offerings, you can visit their website: Additionally, you can call them at 201-445-5000, or send an email to [email protected].


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