December 1, 2023
December 1, 2023

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Chag Shavuot Sameach!

In our communities, where all-night learning is a homegrown feature of many shul Shavuot programs, we hope that all the words of Torah that are heard and learned will be as sweet as the cheesecake and other treats everyone has been preparing all week. And we hope that this whopping, jam-packed Shavuot edition newspaper we’ve prepared for the long weekend will be a helpful aid for people who wish to drop in for a dvar Torah or two on Thursday evening, or an enjoyable diversion for those who are a little sleepy on Friday or Shabbat afternoon. Feel free to check it out on Memorial Day as well!

On Shabbat morning, we will have the pleasure of revisiting Megillat Ruth, and having the opportunity to again meet a foundational and inspiring woman of our people. Ruth, daughter-in-law of Naomi, continues to inspire with her words and acts as a woman of valor in the face of adversity and loss. We learn many halachot from Megillat Ruth, about how to treat others and how to include, prioritize and promote charitable acts in our lives.

However, one of the most inspiring messages of Megillat Ruth is that out of her great challenges, of early widowhood, childlessness, conversion to an unfamiliar faith and going to live in a new land, she merited to be the great-grandmother of our beloved David HaMelech. We learn from Ruth, most poetically, that our challenges make us who we are, and the love we show our family members—the ones we are born with or the ones we choose—have lasting rewards in this world and the next.

May we all merit to be as inspired as Megillat Ruth this Yom Tov. Chag Shavuot Sameach!

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