September 22, 2023
September 22, 2023

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Coin Collecting Is the Hobby of Kings

Mordechai Schmutter is very funny to read. Yeyasher Kochacha. But I must put in a word for anyone who thinks coin-collecting is frivolous. It was known as the hobby of kings. I too started in fourth grade with pennies. But I graduated to more denominations, earlier mintages, other countries and eventually ancients. Along the way I learned some valuable lessons: setting goals, organizing items, close examination of details, valuing artifacts from the past, languages and slogans, alphabets, dates, history of countries and their rulers, research skills, the thrill of the hunt for elusive items and historical, sentimental, ethnic and cultural values. Some of my collections of coins, stamps, postcards, documents, buttons, plumbas, bumper stickers etc. have little monetary value, but all of them are valuable. And what they taught me is priceless. Happy collecting!   

Rabbi Binyamin Yablok  

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