Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Bergenfield—OnlySimchas, the premier celebrations clearinghouse for the Jewish community, has announced a series of major upgrades, including the launch of a new mobile-friendly platform.  Users can now instantly post photos directly from a celebration using their iPhones.

Visitors to OnlySimchas.com will also find a new design that easily adapts to any mobile device.  “One of the most requested OnlySimchas features has been mobile capability. It wasn’t easy viewing the breathtaking photos that we are known for on smaller screens.  We knew the time had come to address the needs of our mobile-centric customers,” said Yossi Markovitz, co-founder of the company.  “We are committed to providing our users with the best OnlySimchas experience regardless of their preferred device. Browsing and contributing to the site from any Smartphone or tablet just got a lot easier.”

To accompany these new features, OnlySimchas also announced the launch of a free new mobile app for the iPhone. The app will ensure that uploading photos remains a simple and intuitive process.   The app can be downloaded at http://www.onlysimchas.com/app.  A mobile app for Android users will be released soon.

The redesigned website also includes an internal network so members can create their own profiles and share content with friends.   Also, members can easily post content from OnlySimchas to Facebook with a new tool for integration.  Exciting features will continue to be rolled out over the coming months, creating an even more enjoyable user experience for OnlySimchas customers and partners.

A cutting-edge Rockland county web design company was chosen to lead the development work.  “OnlySimchas.com was well ahead of its time when it opened its doors in 2000.  The new interface, mobile apps and social networking integration will slingshot OnlySimchas into 2013!”  Ronnie Schwartz, CTO/Founder of RustyBrick.  “It’s breathtaking seeing the same joyous content being brought back to life in a modern interface.”

“We’ve grown up,” explains the site’s lead developer, Dov Katz, “ just like the internet.  It was time to adopt some of the newer technologies and interoperate with existing social networks.”

Visit the redesigned website at www.OnlySimchas.com.

About OnlySimchas

Founded in 2000, OnlySimchas quickly grew to become the leading destination for sharing Jewish celebrations around the world. Innovative web-based software allows users anywhere to upload picture galleries of their latest celebration within moments of the event.  To date, OnlySimchas.com boasts hundreds of thousands of photos of lifecycle events. The site also offers valuable celebration-related resources and vital information for its target market.

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