Monday, June 05, 2023

Glen Rock—During Chol Hamoed, the singer Bono’s One Campaign to Electrify Africa (which wants to provide electricity to 50 million Africans) went to Congressman Scott Garrett’s Bergen County office to present a petition to ask Garrett to co-sponsor a bill on that subject. When other questions were raised in the conversation, particularly a question concerning Syria, an aide presented the Congressman’s statement, which reads:

“As the U.S. Congress considers military intervention in Syria, per President Obama’s request, I think it’s important to be very honest about what we are considering. Missile strikes—or any other such action—against a sovereign nation is an act of war. This action would be defined as such if any other nation did the same to us. Given that the President has not yet demonstrated why military action is in our best interests, given that the administration will not be constrained to keep boots off the ground, and given that there is no clear endgame, I am against the President’s resolution to go to war with Syria.”

Garrett also signed a letter to Obama written by Representive Scott Rigell (R-VA) on the 27th of August that warned Obama that he cannot engage in hostilities with other nations without the authorization of Congress because it would be unconstitutional.

According to historians,  the U.S. has used the military in more than 100 cases internationally--in South America, in the Caribbean, in Panama, the Korean police action, Vietnam, the Balkans, and even the Barbary Coast. The U.S. declared war only five times: the War of 1812, the Mexican-American and Spanish-American Wars, and World Wars I and II.

Garrett (R-NJ) is founder and chairman of the Congressional Constitution Caucus.

By Steve Tencer

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