Sunday, December 04, 2022

A surprising source of inspiration came to the Frisch School on Wednesday with One Family Fund speaker Cheryl  Mandel .

One Family Fund (www.onefamilyfundtogether.org)  is Israel’s premier organization that supports and rehabilitates victims of terror and bereaved families in Israel.

Cheryl’s son Daniel, a 24 year-old Lieutenant in the IDF, was killed by Hamas terrorists while leading his troops into Shechem just 36 hours before Pesach.  Cheryl has traveled the world speaking publicly about her beloved son and the significance of his life and death, inspiring communities around the globe.  According to Rabbi Eli Ciner, Associate Principal, “Cheryl’s ability to relate to the students and her message of strength and overcoming adversity had a powerful effect on the attentive audience.”

Speaking to more than three hundred students, Cheryl asked, “Is there anything in your life that means enough to you, that is important enough to you, that you are willing to fight for?  Because for Daniel, and all the soldiers in the Israel Defense Force, the State of Israel means enough for them.....  And they are not doing it just for those of us, who either by accident of birth or by choice, are living in Israel today   They are doing it for Jews all over the world, including every single one living in America today,” she continued.  “They are doing it because they know what happened when there wasn’t a Jewish state.”

Cheryl stressed that Israel’s existence is essential and that strong and fortunate communities like the Frisch school have an obligation to support those less fortunate in Israel. According to Elaine Keigher, Associate Principal, “The students connected to Cheryl on an emotional and hashkafic level.”  Cheryl’s positive  attitude and statement that “life is good” impressed her young audience. Several students approached her after the speech, and told her of their passion for Israel and their plans to study in yeshivot next year.  The Frisch community appreciated the opportunity to enable their students to be educated and inspired by such an optimistic, dynamic, and idealistic woman.  Cheryl has been speaking this past week throughout the tri-state area on behalf of OneFamily, the organization that currently provides assistance to 17,000 Israeli victims of terror.

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