Saturday, October 01, 2022

Due to a growing number of teens in the Beth Abraham community, the shul, under the auspices of Assistant Rav Tanchum Cohen, has organized teen programming to give its kids a fun, relaxing outlet to gather together in a social setting without the pressure of school. This year, in addition to Rav Cohen, Mayer Simcha Stromer has come along to co-pilot the program dubbed “The Teen Zone” and add vitality to an already exciting program.

The program has had a booming start to the year, kicking off the New Year with a Simchas Beis HaShoeiva at the Kazlow house with over 50 teenage boys representing all the different community high schools. There was cholent, kugel, loads of food, singing and some divrei torah too. Additionally, every week after Mincha on Shabbos at Beth Abraham, the high school boys have a seudat shlishis together with Rav Cohen and Mayer Simcha. This includes singing, divrei torah and more delicious food, which makes for an overall great time. Additionally, there is a twice weekly learning program in the Beth Abraham Beis Medrash.

The Teen Zone is always open to suggestions and one can easily suggest ideas to Zahava Finkelstein on the website. Subscribe to the web page to receive all the updates on activities, learning and chesed opportunities at cbateenzonegirls.weebly.com.

By Daniel Weiskopf & Matti Fuld

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