Saturday, October 01, 2022

Teaneck— Miracle Night, a new Chanukah song by a local musician hit the market recently and all proceeds from the song will go directly to Heart2Heart—an organization that aims to create a sense of family for Jewish kids on college campuses.

The song, written and performed by Teaneck native Akiva Tolchin, is not his first release. His debut album, Lift Your Eyes, premiered in 201l, followed up with an EP over the summer.

“The song speaks to each individual and the potential that they have to serve God in the greatest way,” Tolchin said about his latest release. “This is realized through the shine of Chanukah candles on ‘Miracle Night.’”

Heart2Heart is about individuals being brought together by sharing Shabbat meals. They organize meals by and for students and also visit campuses across the country for Shabbatonim. Not all of these campuses are large hubs of Jewish students—some of them do not have enough Jewish males for a minyan without Heart2Heart’s numbers.

Tolchin himself filled out a minyan in Guelph, Canada over Rosh HaShannah enabling the town to have its first ever Rosh HaShannah minyan and said that it was “unbelievable” how many students they were able to help.

“Heart2Heart needs funding to bring young Jews on college campuses closer to their Judaism. This is the time to help we are losing Jews by the day,” Tolchin said. “All proceeds of ‘Miracle Night’ will go directly to Heart2Heart, let’s do this together. Enjoy the song!”

Miracle Night and Lift Your Eyes are both available for purchase on iTunes. Tolchin’s EP is available for free at http://akivatolchin.bandcamp.com.

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