Saturday, October 01, 2022

Are you ready to order from Chopstix for the family and not sure what to get the kids?

Often times I go to order Chopstix for my family and everyone has their own favorite dishes. My kids are always looking for something different. Chopstix has a variety of delicious “kid friendly” items. Have you had the juicy beefstix? Maybe your kids like lo mein, but don’t want all of the vegetables? Not a problem, just call and ask for vegetable lo mein, “no vegetables”. If your kids are the hot dog and burger type, try the oriental hot dog or the baby burgers and fries. Steamed beef dumpling are also a common kids choice. Looking to feed the kids more vegetables? Ask for chicken w’ baby corn, “no chicken, baby corn only”...that will give your kids a full container of baby corn in a delicious brown sauce. More and more kids are getting hooked on the family favorite, “The General”, and what is not to love about soft dark meat, lightly battered sweet candy like chicken? Chopstix also has the best chicken fingers w’ fries in town!! And be sure to order a side of their world famous chicken wings with your next order because if you have never tried them, you are missing out.

So when you are ready to order supper for the family from Chopstix...don’t forget the kids.

Chopstix delivers and can cater for 10 people or 1000 people.

Going on vacation? Ask for Chopstix to fresh deep freeze your meals.

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Chopstix, 172 West Englewood Ave-Teaneck.

Order online at Chopstixusa.com or call 201-833-0200.

-December 25, Chinese Food & Movie Day...Chopstix is Now Taking Orders.

By: Abe Sussman

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