Monday, March 27, 2023

When I started the Manhattan Jewish Experience (MJE) almost 24 years ago, our family established the organization in memory of our mother, Ruth B. Wildes, z”l. Our mother was always hosting people at her expanding Shabbat table—strangers and friends alike. MJE is an extension of what she taught us—opening our homes and our hearts to our less-affiliated Jewish brothers and sisters and sharing the beauty of Judaism.

Every year, to keep my mother’s memory with us, we hold an inspiring event to hear from Jewish scholars and leaders in the community. Past speakers included Rabbi Lord Jonathan, Sacks zt”l, Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, zt’l, Rabbi Dr. Normal Lamm, zt”l, and more recently Michael Oren, Charlie Harary and Sivan Rahav Meir.

This year we welcome Rabbi Moshe Weinberger, one of the leading Torah figures of our generation—someone who has created a revolution in Jewish spirituality. Rabbi Weinberger is the rabbi of the Aish Kodesh synagogue in Woodmere, New York, where I and many others have gone to get a spiritual boost from his awesome presentations. You are not going to want to miss this rare opportunity, next Wednesday night, December 14 at MJE at 131 West 86th Street, 10th Floor. You can get your tickets for just $10 (wine and dessert reception included) by visiting www.jewishexperience.org.

This year’s event with Rabbi Moshe Weinberger is generously sponsored by the Wildes family and by Seth and Zahava Farbman in honor of their rebbe, Rabbi Weinberger, and in the merit of all their children - on the occasion of the yahrzeit of Ruth B. Wildes z”l in whose memory MJE is dedicated.

By Rabbi Mark Wildes

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