Monday, March 27, 2023

This past Monday evening, Jan. 9, Over 150 friends and supporters of the Max and Ruth Schwartz Sderot Hesder Institutions gathered in the main auditorium of Congregation Keter Torah, Teaneck, to celebrate the city of Sderot, Torah and the Land of Israel.

Following an extravagant buffet reception, attendees were treated to a concert by internationally acclaimed Jewish musician Eitan Katz.

Event chairs included Mark and Shoshana Dresdner, Eli Curt and Chanee Fuld, Mark and Debby Teicher, and Dovid and Gila Zelig.

Rabbi Ari Katz, the Hesder Yeshiva’s director of public relations who flew in from Sderot for the event, said, “This was a wonderful night of celebration. People got the opportunity to learn about everything the Yeshiva does for the incredible city of Sderot.”

Katz detailed, “From spreading of Torah throughout the town, to chesed projects, kiruv and so much more during times of terror and quiet, the Sderot Hesder is truly a community pillar. Also, it’s important to note that the more our enemies try and harm us, the more we build and develop our beautiful city.”

Katz added, “It was an honor to host a beautiful evening, where guests enjoyed gathering with friends, food and an amazing concert by Eitan Katz, with Sderot on their minds and in their hearts.”

Riki Landa, who attended the reception and concert with her husband and a cousin, said, “We wanted to show support for all of the Hesder Institutions’ programs: the Yeshiva, Women’s Midrasha, and all of the other wonderful initiatives under their umbrella, while also listening to the very talented Eitan Katz.”

She added, “The event was a great way to hear the latest from Sderot, a town dear to my heart, and learn how the Hesder goes above and beyond to give back to their neighbors in the city. It is truly a remarkable institution.”

Michael “Buzzy” Green, director of development of Friends of Sderot, the institution’s North American branch, said, “The event was a great success on many levels. So many people came out to celebrate the pillars of Judaism, which emanate from Sderot and the Hesder and have a tremendous impact on Jews in Israel and around the world.”

He added, “We can’t thank Eitan Katz enough for participating, and giving a great concert. I look forward to organizing similar events in other communities within the greater tri-state area and beyond, to bring a taste of Sderot and the Hesder to Jewish communities around the world. We’re simply overwhelmed by the love and support shown at this event.”

By Josh Hasten

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