Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Since their 15th anniversary was postponed by COVID, owners Loren and Mitch (Mordy) Simpson of Back to Health Physical Therapy Associates (BTH) are celebrating now, and with an additional two years of success to celebrate.

Loren Simpson, as chief operating officer, describes their mission as providing genuine concierge care for their patients. “When we say that we treat one patient per therapist an hour, we really mean it,” she said. The BTH professionals and staff develop a deep relationship with patients. In fact, some of their patients have knitted baby blankets for the therapists who were expecting.

That connection to patients, fostered by the utmost personalized care, creates a warm family-type environment for both patients and staff. “Most of our staff, both therapists and administrators, have been with us for many years, some over 15 years,” Loren said. “We believe that is due to our family-oriented culture, our patient-centric focus and the connection we have with our incredible team of therapists and administrators.”

BTH provides therapy services across Bergen County, Clifton, Passaic and the neighboring communities of Passaic County, and many areas in Essex and Hudson Counties.

The office in River Edge features high-end specialty equipment that many other physical therapy clinics do not necessarily have. Mordy Simpson elaborated: “We have full length parallel bars, Biodex electronic balance system, a top of line cold laser machine, a Nustep T6 Pro , a rehab- specific treadmill with remote control for gait training, and a large open space to practice balance and agility exercises in a one-on-one environment without distractions.”

The therapy professionals on staff regularly earn various specialty certifications, which maximize their ability to provide the best possible care for their patients. BTH also offers their “Therapy at Home” team: tenured, highly trained professionals who in addition to providing highly skilled physical and occupational therapy in the home environment, also advise on how to make a patient’s homes as safe as possible. For example, one of the most prevalent concerns in the home environment of the aging population is the risk of falling.

Loren explained: “A tripping hazard, a difficult-to-reach item or a slippery bathroom floor can create a dangerous environment, but may not be apparent to people who are not in the therapy profession. Having that professional set of eyes in the home environment can prevent a catastrophic fall,” and promotes a safer environment for people who want to “age in place.” In other words, they want to avoid being forced to move from their current home.

Mordy, PT, MSPT, OCS, founder and director, shared that physical therapy is actually not his first career. “I started out as an electrical engineer and earned a master’s in computer science. After working for a few years at a company that contracted with the U.S. Air Force, I did a ‘180’ and decided that I really wanted to help people in a more direct way, and decided to enter the health care field.”

He explained that he was inspired by the dedication of the physical therapists he observed in treating a family member who needed intense rehabilitation, and valued the direct impact they had on their patients’ lives. Mordy went on to complete his physical therapy degree at Columbia University.

“Here I am, 25 years later, and very grateful that I made that choice,” he said. “Physical therapy is a satisfying and emotionally rewarding career. I am so grateful that, together with our amazing Back to Health therapy team, we are able to help so many people improve their day-to-day lives.”

Mordy’s 25-year career in physical therapy includes numerous continuing education courses to stay current with the research and trends in orthopedics and neurology. He is a board-certified clinical orthopedic specialist (OCS) from the American Physical Therapy Association. He is also certified in LSVT BIG, an effective technique for improving movement and balance for Parkinson’s disease; in Pilates for Rehabilitation; and a certified instructor in Tai Chi for Rehabilitation.

Any physician or advanced practice nurse (APN) can refer a patient. However, in many cases a patient can independently schedule an initial evaluation for physical therapy, even without a physician referral. If insurance requires a referral, BTH will assist in the process.

“BTH consults with each patient through a comprehensive review of their health benefits,” Loren Simpson said.

Asked about what really resonates the most for Mordy and Loren Simpson about their work, their resounding response was, “We really make an impact on the patients’ daily living: strengthening, safety and care, one patient at a time.”

Jodi McLean, occupational therapist, has been with BTH since 2010. “Most of the therapists working at Back to Health have certain specialties or a strong passion for certain diagnoses. Once our specialty or passion is established we are able to treat patients with those impairments/diagnoses. Working with patients on a one-to-one basis in their own homes helps us spend quality and effective time with each patient.”

Rabbi Benjamin Yudin of Fair Lawn offered his perspective on BTH. “We have a biblical obligation to maintain our bodies and keep in good health. It can be hard for many people to do this on their own, so it’s important to have a good place to go. I go once or twice a week to the pleasant environment [of BTH], which is there to make you feel good, but push you with a smile. I find myself tired when I come in and invigorated when I leave. I strongly recommend Back to Health and offer congratulations on the anniversary celebration.”

Eliza Skoczylas shared the defining experience her husband, Moshe, had that made a significant difference in his recovery. Moshe Skoczylas explained: “Experiencing being helped by Mordy to progress from a state of complete immobility to ambulating independently is definitely something I feel forever grateful for. He spent countless hours assisting me in each step of the neuromuscular training required to learn how to walk again. It really was baby steps, and could only have been accomplished by someone with the patience, concern and skill level that Mordy has. From minor to major, and anything in between, Mordy is literally the right person to help get you ‘Back to Health.’”

Appointments can be scheduled by calling 201-833-0234 or for more information you can visit their website: www.bthrehab.com

Ellie Wolf is a staff writer at The Jewish Link.

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