Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Last week Ma’ayanot announced the appointment of CB Neugroschl as the new head of school beginning July 1. Neugroschl has amassed more than 25 years of experience in the Jewish education sphere, most recently as head of school at Central, Yeshiva University High School for Girls.

Joining Ma’ayanot brings things full circle for Neugroschl who was director of admissions as well as a beloved Jewish history and philosophy faculty member at Ma’ayanot from 1999-2003. During her career, she has also served as assistant principal and co-director of General Studies at SAR High School, where she introduced innovative curricular initiatives and special programming.

“We are extremely lucky to have found someone as qualified as Mrs. Neugroschl to lead Ma’ayanot in its next stage of development.
She is returning to her Ma’ayanot roots and will now be able to greatly influence Teaneck’s Jewish community, not merely as a resident as she had previously, but also as the principal of the premiere Modern Orthodox yeshiva high school for girls,” said Ma’ayanot President Daniel Altman. “She was an agent of change at Central and was able to transform Yeshiva University High School for Girls into an incredible institution. With Mrs. Neugroschl’s vision, creativity, warmth and enthusiasm, we look forward to watching her continue the groundbreaking work of Mrs. Kahan, and of Ma’ayanot’s earlier principals and founders.”

Strongly dedicated to education and personal development, Neugroschl believes the high school years are largely defined by self-actualization. At the start of the four years, students just begin to understand that they have real potential, she explains, and by the end of high school they have uncovered that potential and allowed it to flourish.

Neugroschl likens that process to a garden, from the early stages when the soil is cultivated and seeds are planted down to the attention necessary to nurture permanent results. “Teaching is like being that gardener, nurturing each student’s potential and helping her discover and achieve her personal goals and find her place within our community,” said Neugroschl. “For me, personally, being able to be in that space of working with all the constituencies to inculcate the fundamentals of our values, to enable our students to shine and to ensure that our efforts produce lasting results, is a core fundamental of Jewish education.”

Throughout her years at Ma’ayanot, outgoing head of school Rivka Kahan was dedicated to getting to know and understand all of her students and build personal connections with each girl. She feels privileged to pass the torch to Neugroschl whom she believes is an ideal candidate to lead the school going forward. “Ma’ayanot is an incredibly special school, and I wish Mrs. Neugroschl much bracha v’hatzlacha as she brings her deep educational vision and experience to guide Ma’ayanot to continually reach new heights, b’ezrat Hashem,” expressed Kahan.

According to Neugroschl, while academics are the building blocks, it is not what we are ultimately seeking. What we are truly aiming to do is help each girl really see their own potential, intellectually, spiritually and religiously, and help them understand that it is attainable. “We want to ignite a spark,” she said.

“During the search process we met several incredibly talented educators—it is clear that the future of Jewish education is very bright,” said Etiel Forman, search committee chair.

Neugroschl’s seasoned experience in Jewish education always circles back to her commitment to connections. The connections we make within ourselves, with our contemporaries and through Torah learning all lead towards self-growth and development which is so critical during these formative years, truly shaping each girl into the woman she is destined to become.

“We are incredibly fortunate to be able to welcome Mrs. Neugroschl back to Ma’ayanot,” said Forman. “While we are all going to miss Mrs. Kahan, Ma’ayanot’s future is in excellent hands. Mrs. Neugroschl’s thoughtful, compassionate and professional approach to leadership is sure to propel Ma’ayanot forward as we start this next chapter.”

Neugroschl and with the exemplary faculty at Ma’ayanot are invested in making sure each girl recognizes the possibilities that lie ahead.

“Ma’ayanot is at an exciting time, as we embark on a project that will enable Ma’ayanot to have a new facility that matches the exciting, transformative learning that occurs inside our walls. While we are truly sorry to lose Mrs. Kahan to the State of Israel, and our loss is truly a tremendous gain for Israel, there is no one better suited to assume the mantle of leadership at Ma’ayanot,” added Altman.

Over the coming months, Neugroschl will be working together with the current administration team, understanding the full Ma’ayanot experience from the perspective of students, parents and faculty, while planning for the coming year with an eye towards supporting and building upon the attributes of the school. Ma’ayanot will be hosting a meet and greet for prospective parents with Neugroschl on February 12, at 7:45 p.m., at the school.

By Andrea Nissel