Wednesday, May 12, 2021

(Courtesy of Chabad of Hackensack) This Lag B’Omer, Chabad of Hackenasck, will be hosting a special Lag B’Omer program in a unique location: Saddle River County Park.

The decision to host the party at the park was very much in line with the theme of Lag B’Omer.

“Traditionally, Lag B’Omer was a day when teachers and pupils would leave school and go out to the park,” explained Rabbi Mendy Kaminker from Chabad of Hackensack. “They would learn about the history of the day, enjoy treats, and play with bows and arrows.

“By some tzadikim, the idea of going out to the park was associated with great miracles, so having a Lag B’Omer party in the park is really about continuing the tradition. We want to recreate the experience.”

In addition to having a barbecue, children’s entertainment and music, hosting the party in the park will ensure ample space for social distancing. “Lag B’Omer is all about Jewish unity,” concluded Rabbi Kaminker. May this unity bring healing to our world.”

The Lag B’Omer barbecue will take place at the pavilion area in Rochelle Park. Registration is required, and food will be available for purchase. To register, go to www.ChabadHackensack.com/lag  or call (201) 503-3770.