Friday, January 28, 2022

(Courtesy of Bris Avrohom) Bris Avrohom celebrated its 42nd Annual Dinner on the front lawn of the shul in a magnificently decorated tent on Sunday, November 7.

Bris Avrohom is an educational organization that was founded in 1979 by the Lubavitcher Rebbe to assist Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union. Throughout the past 42 years of providing services to the Jewish community, we have touched the lives of 40,000 individuals through Jewish life-cycle events, including brissim, bar mitzvahs and weddings, education for young and old, holiday gatherings, preschool, Sunday school and day camps.

The theme of the dinner was hakarat hatov, where we expressed our gratitude and appreciation to individuals who assist us in furthering Jewish awareness to all in the state of New Jersey. Particularly now, as we approach the holiday of Chanukah, we chose to honor the executives of the Port Authority, who play a key role in perpetuating the mitzvah of pirsumei nisa.

Levi and Rivki Kumer, the Young Leadership Award recipients, are active and involved in building and encouraging the young community in Hillside. Bris Avrohom recognizes their noble work and honored them in appreciation.

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