Tuesday, August 16, 2022

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NCSY: A Summer of Fun

New York—This year NCSY Summer broke all previous records, with more than 980 teens from across the world attending one of NCSY Summer’s 12 programs.

“We have a formula that works,” says David Cutler, director of NCSY Summer.“We’ve created a series of programs that provide an unforgettable experience and a spiritually enriching one. Teens


Huge Success for Second Annual Teaneck Clothing Drive

Teaneck—The second annual Greater Teaneck Children’s Clothing Drive was a huge success this summer. Thanks to the incredible volunteers and donors in this amazing community, we were able to help over 60 families clothe their children for the coming year and also send many boxes of clothing to Israel.

The drive is held during the Three Weeks and


Bee Ready for Local Honey

Teaneck — Sometimes envelopes marked “bees” pass through the post office. They contain harmonica-sized boxes with some candy, drones and a Queen Bee. Rabbi Daniel Senter, selling honey at the Teaneck Farmer’s Market for the first time this year, received the bees in the mail recently.

Senter is a jack-of-all trades who does “too many


Local Philanthropist Gifts University for Sheltering His Family

Fund Honors Professor’s Memory, Supports Cultural Experiences for OWU Students

DELAWARE, Ohio – When Stephen Ollendorff, a Tenafly resident and author of the children’s book, The Brave Little Boat,  was a child, he and his family fled Nazi Germany to avoid religious persecution.

After they arrived in the United States, the family separated for a


The Honeymoon is Over

An unlikely alliance between a prominent Republican governor and America’s most powerful Democrat was front page news last fall. When New Jersey Governor Chris Christie appeared with President Obama in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, he risked subjecting himself to intense criticism from members of his own political party. And when he went so far as to heap praise


Adi’s Story: A Miracle Not Fully Realized

I guess it’s fitting that I’m writing this in the backseat of a taxi on the way to Ben-Gurion Airport. It’s exactly how I learned about Adi five years ago. Israeli cabbies are legendary for their gift of gab, and they often prove quite entertaining.  I certainly got more than my “fare” share (pun intended) back in November of 2008.

I had


Newton, MA Schools Fail to Provide Facts About the Middle East

Newton, MA—Controversy continues to simmer in the upscale Boston suburb of Newton over the use of biased and substandard instructional materials to teach students about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Recently, the town spared no expense renovating one of its high schools at a cost of $200 million. But Newton’s commitment to its schools has not translated into



Everyone knows that when moving into a new apartment or home usually the first task one faces is to run and buy rudimentary items. Immediately one needs new light bulbs for fixtures, toilet paper for the bathroom, cleaning supplies and myriads of other items that one does not usually move with.

We remember so well moving to Montreal and Nina driving to a mall


OU Kosher Presents Top Summer Questions from Consumers

New York—OU Kosher presents frequently asked questions to-date on the OU Kosher Hotline (212-613-8241) by consumers received for the summer. Questions may also be submitted to kosherq_ou.org.

These questions are answered by Rabbi Benjamin Geiger, the voice of OU Kosher’s Consumer Hotline; the OU’s WebbeRebbe; and Rabbi Eli Eleff,


You Should Have ICE Worries Even If You Don’t Employ Any Immigrants

Many are aware of the import of Immigration in the US as a key issue, and the role the Immigration & Customs Enforcement (“ICE”) division of the Department of Homeland Security plays in making sure all follow the rules. What may be less known among many business owners is that ICE doesn’t onlytarget illegal


Doing Atlantic City At Home The Legalization and Implementation of Internet Gambling in NJ

Internet gambling has recently been legalized in the state of New Jersey and will be implemented in November. This development is likely the next significant area of growth for what has been a relatively stable and mature industry domestically for the past 5 years. I will preface that I am not an anti-gaming moralist. I work with the industry and recognize the


YU’s Rabbi Dr. Ephraim Kanarfogel Appointed University Professer; Wins Goldstein-Goren Book Award

New York—Dr. Ephraim Kanarfogel has been appointed a University Professor at Yeshiva University, the sixth faculty member in the entire University to be granted this prestigious distinction. His new title, bestowed upon him by YU President Richard M. Joel, designates him as the E. Billi Ivry University Professor of Jewish History, Literature and Law. The

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