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Wave Of The Future

It was a twist of fate that not only introduced Inna Braverman to a passion for green energy, but reconnected her to Ukraine, where she spent the first four years of her life.

Braverman, 27, is the co-founder and marketing director of Eco Wave Power (EWP), an Israel-based company whose innovation in wave technology for the production of electricity has


Not Eating Eggs

My name is Yehuda. I am 7 years old and I live in Bergenfield. I like to do things that most kids like to do.   I love to play sports like other kids and with Lego.

But there is one thing that makes me feel different from other kids.  I have food allergies.  I cannot eat eggs, chicken or turkey.  I don’t mind so much about not being able to eat


What To Do When Someone Is Having A Seizure

Seizures are sudden surges of brain activity that can cause sudden, involuntary movements or sensations. Many times seizures cause a person to become unaware or unable to respond. We all need to know how to respond during this type of emergency to keep people with seizures safe.

The most pronounced seizure is a type of convulsion known as a generalized


Candles Exhibit Comes to Teaneck General Store

David Abecassis brings an exhibition entitled “Candles,” to the Teaneck General Store, 502A Cedar Lane, Teaneck, NJ 07666 - ph: 201-530-5046, on July 14 th.

Educated at York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M.F.A., Ontario College of Art and Design, Florence, Italy and Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto, Canada, he has


Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Intimacy in Marriage But Were Afraid to Ask Until Now

Teaneck—Several hundred women listened intently as a panel of women scholars talked about intimacy. They learned about what the Torah commands and how women can negotiate the challenges inherent in each phase of their married lives at the Jewish Women’s Journey through Life program presented at Rinat Yisrael on the first of July.

Three of the four


NCSY Give USA Teens Clown Around at Jewish Home at Rockleigh

On Sunday, June 30 th, 2013, a group of about 40 teenagers and 20 adults from NCSY’s Give USA program came to the Jewish Home at Rockleigh for an intergenerational program that teaches kids how to be clowns and reach out to seniors. Give USA is a summer program of NCSY, the international youth movement of the Orthodox Union. The training was led by


NCSY: A Summer of Fun

New York—This year NCSY Summer broke all previous records, with more than 980 teens from across the world attending one of NCSY Summer’s 12 programs.

“We have a formula that works,” says David Cutler, director of NCSY Summer.“We’ve created a series of programs that provide an unforgettable experience and a spiritually enriching one. Teens


Huge Success for Second Annual Teaneck Clothing Drive

Teaneck—The second annual Greater Teaneck Children’s Clothing Drive was a huge success this summer. Thanks to the incredible volunteers and donors in this amazing community, we were able to help over 60 families clothe their children for the coming year and also send many boxes of clothing to Israel.

The drive is held during the Three Weeks and


Bee Ready for Local Honey

Teaneck — Sometimes envelopes marked “bees” pass through the post office. They contain harmonica-sized boxes with some candy, drones and a Queen Bee. Rabbi Daniel Senter, selling honey at the Teaneck Farmer’s Market for the first time this year, received the bees in the mail recently.

Senter is a jack-of-all trades who does “too many


Local Philanthropist Gifts University for Sheltering His Family

Fund Honors Professor’s Memory, Supports Cultural Experiences for OWU Students

DELAWARE, Ohio – When Stephen Ollendorff, a Tenafly resident and author of the children’s book, The Brave Little Boat,  was a child, he and his family fled Nazi Germany to avoid religious persecution.

After they arrived in the United States, the family separated for a


The Honeymoon is Over

An unlikely alliance between a prominent Republican governor and America’s most powerful Democrat was front page news last fall. When New Jersey Governor Chris Christie appeared with President Obama in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, he risked subjecting himself to intense criticism from members of his own political party. And when he went so far as to heap praise


Adi’s Story: A Miracle Not Fully Realized

I guess it’s fitting that I’m writing this in the backseat of a taxi on the way to Ben-Gurion Airport. It’s exactly how I learned about Adi five years ago. Israeli cabbies are legendary for their gift of gab, and they often prove quite entertaining.  I certainly got more than my “fare” share (pun intended) back in November of 2008.

I had

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