July 20, 2024
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July 20, 2024
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Cord Blood: A Healthy Resolution for the New Year

(Courtesy of Maze Cord Blood) For many soon-to-be parents, the prospect of a new year is a stressful yet exciting time. And, like with all new parents, along with a new baby comes concerns for the newborn’s health. With Rosh Hashanah upon us, the entire Jewish community is praying for a happy and healthy new year. So, how do you do everything you can to ensure a healthy new year for your children?

Protect Your Newborn’s Future Now.

Cord blood banks allow families to store cord blood and cord tissue stem cells for themselves and their loved ones for as long as they need. The prospect of knowing that there’s a local cord blood banking option like Maze Cord Blood can offer parents peace of mind throughout the entire process.

“For myself, I believe that everything is in God’s hands, and I pray that God will always grant our children good health. As a physician, however, I have seen the realities of disease and death affecting individuals and families,” said Rachel, an Orthodox physician from the tri-state area, who we profiled a few weeks ago regarding her journey to cord blood banking. “Therefore, even as I hope and pray that our children will never need to use them, cord blood and tissue banking provides an incredible opportunity to protect our children from future harm.”

Healthy Now

Treats Over 80 Diseases: Cord blood currently treats over 80 diseases, including common Ashkenazi Jewish diseases such as Niemann Pick Disease, Fanconi Anemia, and Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD).

Financially Healthy: Maze Cord Blood offers one flat fee with no annual storage fees, ensuring your family maintains a healthy financial future in the new year.

Protect Parents’ Future: Cord blood stem cells may also be used for parents; biological parents will always be a partial match so your children can actually protect you as well.

Healthy Future

Tay-Sachs and Autism clinical trials: Clinical trials are currently underway for Tay-Sachs disease and autism, a promising development for the Jewish community.

Protect Siblings’ Future: Siblings (or future siblings!) can be protected by your choices this year. Biological siblings have up to a 75 percent match rate for cord blood stem cells*.

Long-Term Viability: Valuable cord blood stem cells can be banked and maintained in a viable state for more than 25 years. That’s many healthy years you don’t have to worry about.

Presently, the health benefits of cord blood banking are very reassuring to new parents. And for families thinking about the new year, cord blood has a promising future as well.

“For a parent, the choice to bank cord blood is clearly a smart and reassuring investment,” said Rachel. “And for the Jewish parent, there’s no better option than Maze Cord Blood.”

Make the resolution today to ensure a happy and healthy new year for your family with Maze Cord Blood. From our family to yours, we wish you all a sweet, happy and healthy new year.

Maze Cord Blood is one of the lowest-priced options among all FDA-approved and AABB-accredited cord blood banks with no annual fees and a $50K Quality Product Guarantee. Maze Cord Blood is currently offering up to a $400 discount on their cord blood and cord tissue banking services. Visit www.MazeHealthyFuture.com or call 914.488.0057 to learn more.

*Siblings of the same biological parents have a 25 percent chance of being a perfect match, a 50 percent chance of being a partial match and a 25 percent chance they won’t match at all.

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