July 20, 2024
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July 20, 2024
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Daring Décor: Orchids Add Splashy Color and Style to Any Space


(StatePoint) It’s no secret that spending the past year in quarantine has made people focus more on their homes. DIY projects are at an all-time high. Painting. Furniture fixups. Baking. Outdoor and indoor gardening.

That’s right. Indoor gardening is hot. During the pandemic, people searched “Buy Plants” on Google more than “Buy Shoes.” This may be because plants add beauty and vitality to any space and can even improve indoor air quality and your mood, according to researchers.

Let Your Décor Blossom

With their rich colors and unique blooms, flowering plants make a bold statement in any room. This includes beautiful, blossoming Phalaenopsis orchids, which are now considered stylish — not stuffy – décor statements that last longer and bloom again and again.

From classic to modern to a little bit funky, there’s a perfect size and color of orchid to match your style vibe. Whether you’re looking to brighten a dorm room, an apartment, your starter home or a long-time residence, the experts at Just Add Ice Orchids offer these tips for picking the right, easy-care orchid for your space.

What’s Your Size?

Traditional height and miniature Phalaenopsis orchids, also known as moth orchids, pack a style punch, especially when it comes to versatility.

Mini orchids liven up small areas, like a desk or console table. Group several mini orchids of similar colors to fill larger spaces, such as dining or living room tables. For example, Just Add Ice offers these tiny statement-makers in single pots or packs of 12 and 20 singles for effortless, whole-house decorating.

If you’re looking for a more elegant, streamlined effect, use full-sized orchids instead. It’s all about personal preference.

Making a Style Statement

When it comes to colors, solid orchids are the perfect complement to classic, traditional décor elements thanks to their simple, vibrant character. Pink. Coral. Yellow. All effortlessly brighten traditional spaces by adding a splash of color.

For a more modern vibe, you can’t go wrong with simple, white blooms. They work well in minimalist spaces but also deliver fun pops of color, unique shapes and intricate patterns in bolder, modern settings.

Orchids also have a place in funkier, eclectic decorating schemes. Patterned orchids with lines or spots in a bright fuchsia shade add a quirky twist on the traditional potted Just Add Ice orchid, making them a great choice for less traditional spaces.

Take your style statement a step further by choosing a pot in your favorite shape, color or pattern to echo your style vibe.

Easy Care for Stylish Flair

Unlike other flowers, when you bring an orchid into your home, you can expect your plant’s blooms to last two to three months. With proper care, your orchid can bloom again, according to the experts at Just Add Ice.

Be sure to avoid direct sunlight and keep room temperatures above 65 degrees F, but not too hot. And when it comes to watering, add three ice cubes to full-size pots and one cube to minis once a week. Using this watering method removes the guesswork from determining how much water to use and gives your orchids the perfect amount needed to flourish.

To learn more about Phalaenopsis orchids, ice watering or to start building your own colorful orchid collection of long-lasting blooms in different sizes and hues, visit www.justaddicorchids.com.

When it comes to style and elegance, orchids are a great choice for indoor gardeners and DIY home designers.

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