Saturday, June 03, 2023

Destination Kosher

EL AL Travelers Can Now Book With Peace of Mind

EL AL Protect allows travelers to cancel tickets for any reason.

(Courtesy of EL AL) EL AL Israel Airlines has announced the launch of EL AL Protect, a new service that adds flexibility to passenger bookings. The service costs $19 per ticket for flights of up to 6½ hours and $29 per


Morocco Kosher Travel Makes Vacation Dreams Come True

Kosher travelers fascinated by the thought of visiting the picturesque and exotic country of Morocco no longer have to either set their dreams aside or limit their food to packages of tuna fish. CEO Mickael Knafo of Morocco Kosher Travel can plan your trip of a lifetime with tours ranging from


Cassia Jerusalem Unveils New Brand and Boutique Hotel Renovation in Heart of City

Formerly the King Solomon Hotel Jerusalem, Cassia is a boutique gem for travelers seeking art, culture and tranquility.

(Courtesy of Cassia Jerusalem) Cassia Jerusalem, located near the picturesque neighborhood of Mishkenot Sha’ananim and Liberty Bell Park,


Your Pesach Dream Awaits With Scottsdale Vacation Resort

If you’re looking for something new, different, and exciting this Pesach, then look no further than Scottsdale Vacation Resort for the ultimate Pesach experience in the warmth and majesty of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Offering two elegant and spacious


Exploring the Ya’ar HaKedoshim

(Courtesy of Judean Journeys) Next week’s fast day, Asara B’Tevet, is not only a fast marking the siege of Yerushalyim by Nevuchadnezar, it is also a general Day of Kaddish for those who have past away with no one to say Kaddish over them. I’d like to introduce a beautiful, less known spot,


EL AL Increases Winter Flights Between Los Angeles And Tel Aviv to Five a Week

(Courtesy of EL AL) The CEO of EL AL Israel Airlines, Ltd. Dina Ben-Tal Ganancia, on her first visit to the West Coast since taking her new role in May 2022, announced an increase in EL AL’s winter service between Los Angeles and Tel Aviv from three flights a week to five, the same number it operates during the rest of the


Move to Cleveland!

(Courtesy of Move to Cleveland) Thirty years ago, if you told someone from the East Coast that you were from Cleveland, they would ask you how long it takes to get around on your tractor. These days, they are more likely to ask whether you can get them in touch with a realtor.

No longer the butt of jokes


Connecting With the Past: Making Memories in Morocco With Touro

Students participating in the Touro Summer Program enjoyed an unforgettable experience exploring the past and present during an eight-day adventure through majestic Morocco.

This month, I had the privilege of joining 35 Touro students from across all our campuses for a


Planning Sukkot Vacation 2022


We are halfway through summer vacation, so it is time to think about Sukkot, if you aren’t doing so already. This year, Sukkot is right on time according to the Jewish calendar but is later in the secular calendar than usual. Sukkot begins on Sunday night, October 9th and ends on Tuesday night, October 18th. This means that it might be chilly


Booking Passover Programs: It’s Not Too Early

Wait. What? We didn’t even go on our summer vacation yet. What about Sukkot and winter break? Do I already need to be thinking about reserving a Passover programfor Pesach 2023? The answer to that is YES!


This might surprise many people but it’s not too early to be


Where to Dine In Montreal

Chops Resto-Bar

Asian fusion steakhouse and sushi bar (upscale). Reservations recommended.

53522 Queen Mary Road




No Airport Delays, No Baggage Checks: Visit Montreal

At last after two long years, the borders between Canada and the United States are reopened. Only a six-hour drive to arrive in Quebec, la belle province. There is something for everyone, from couples looking for a romantic escapade, families looking for activities that will please all ages and those just looking for a place to go that has

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