Thursday, February 02, 2023

Rustic Elegance, an organization that provides rustic experiences in some of the most scenic areas of America, is gearing up for its summer offerings in Glacier National Park. Created by childhood friends Yitzi Kessock and Seth Warshaw, the experience provides a tailor-made outdoor itinerary along with a five-star kosher culinary experience. Kessock and Warshaw offer a wide variety of activities for guests to enjoy, and promise an unforgettable vacation that’s perfect for the entire family.

According to its website, Rustic Elegance is an organization that presents “custom vacation packages tailor-made for each family, combining various beginner to advanced outdoor excursions and providing a five-star dining experience.” Each package lasts five days and four nights, and guests stay in private cabins equipped with a kitchen and fully stocked refrigerator, cable television, free internet access and more. Minyanim are scheduled daily with a sefer Torah on site. A mashgiach temidi is on the premises as well. When it comes to the activities in which guests can partake, the website states there will be “guided hikes by a professional guiding company geared for every age and fitness level, along with a wide range of both extreme and mild outdoor activities such as kayaking, white-water rafting, horseback riding and much more.”

In addition to being one of the co-creators, Warshaw is also the program’s executive chef. An experienced cook, Warshaw and his staff from ETC Steakhouse in Teaneck will provide three daily catered meals that will be served in a private dining area or outdoor facility. According to Warshaw, “Our goal is to serve great food and provide great service. We want to be the best and we strive to do just that.”

The idea for Rustic Elegance germinated from the bond that Kessock and Warshaw shared as children. Both fans of the outdoors, they always wanted to do something that would allow them to share this passion with others. “Some of our fondest childhood memories were of our joint family outdoor adventures,” they explain on their site. “Hiking and camping trips with our fathers was a typical vacation for us. Partnering together in Rustic Elegance some 30 years later is truly exciting for both of us as we combine our unique talents along with our passion for the outdoors.”

Discussing Rustic Elegance in an interview with The Jewish Link, Kessock said, “We want to ensure that our guests have the most enjoyable experience possible. As a result, we’ve made our programs very customizable to families’ needs and wants. If you’re an outdoorsy family who likes to go all out, we have ziplining, horse rides, all those things. If you want to kick back and have a more leisurely time, we do guided hikes and motor tours. There’s really something here that everyone can enjoy.”

In terms of possible Rustic Elegance experiences, there are two different packages from which potential patrons can choose. There’s the standard Rustic Experience that includes the custom-made itinerary and cabin and the Rustic V.I.P. Experience, which comes with some additional perks. With the Rustic V.I.P. Experience, guests will be provided with full transportation throughout their stay. Their cabins will also come with a barbecue and food items ready to grill. Additionally, they will have the option to partake in helicopter tours and private cooking lessons with Warshaw himself.

If you are interested in learning more about Rustic Elegance, visit their website at https://www.kosherrustic.com/. If you would like to sign up, reach out to Kessock and Warshaw via email at [email protected] or by phone at (307) 213-9178.

By Adam Samuel

Adam Samuel is a journalist from Teaneck. When he isn’t busy reading the daily news, he divides his time between managing his blog, adamssoapbox.blog, and gradually learning how to play piano.

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