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Join the Diamond Club for Passover 2019

(Courtesy of Diamond Club Passover Vacations) When deciding to attend a Passover program, there are a lot of factors involved; however, the first question that comes to mind is: What makes this program different from others? At Diamond Club Passover Vacations we are truly special and different. We have


Sweet Inn Offers Luxury and Location

From check-in to check-out, our stay at the King David Village in the Mamilla section of Jerusalem was a luxurious experience within a bustling location. Our Sweet Inn apartment was furnished in high style and afforded every amenity that a hotel offers. In addition, it included a full kitchen featuring


Unlimited Travel & Tours Offers a Truly Unique Pesach Experience


Twelve years ago, as I looked out onto Spain’s stunning Catalonia coastline, the Costa Brava, which literally means “wild coast,” I noticed that the impossibly blue waves crashed into rocks that looked painted by Hashem himself. The sound of the waves was a soft roar, the sea birds called to one another and the


‘Kosher Travelers’: Not Your Grandma’s Travel Agency

Twenty years ago, David Walles never imagined that he and his wife, Chana, would be running a highly regarded international kosher travel company operating luxury cruises, African safaris, multiple Pesach programs, Alpine ski trips and upscale land tours. Originally from Melbourne, Walles had a successful


Enjoy Pesach in Morocco With Paradis Productions

Whether you’ve always wanted to see Morocco, spend Pesach in a luxurious location or be treated like a VIP, Paradis Production NYC’s Pesach program is just the thing. Event planner extraordinaire Prosper Lankry has thought of everything for Pesach 2019. Sedarim, day trips, gourmet food, Israeli and French chazans, renowned rabbinic


Let ‘Royal Stay’ Help Book Your Luxury Hotel at an Affordable Price

Anyone who coordinates a vacation of any type, whether family trip, business trip or getaway, knows the intricate details that go into the planning. Often, the planning and logistics can raise stress levels higher than not actually having a vacation. Menucha Parnes knows that this can be hard on travelers. As part of Royal Stay,


Eretz Israel Movement Is the Way to Go

As wonderful as it is that so many consider travelling to Israel a necessity in their lives, it is unfortunate that often overlooked is the value of taking an organized tour, which allows one to become reacquainted with the history, kedusha and uniqueness of our true home. As I have said many times to clients who felt that they


Five Star Italy Will Plan Your Italian Dream Vacation

For me, visiting Italy for the first time was falling in love at first sight. My first trip was many years ago to Capri and the Amalfi Coast. I chose that region because the scenery is considered to be some of the most breathtaking in the world and, no doubt, it is. Being there was like living in


Lions and Tigers, No Bears, Oh My!

Vacationing in South Africa is almost indescribable. The region is culturally accessible to Americans due to the prevalence of spoken English, yet as incredibly exotic as could be imagined. A vacation visit to the Zimbali on the Eastern coast of South Africa just south of Durban proved to be a memorable


MatzaFun Tours to Host 18th Annual Passover at Ocean Place Resort & Spa in Long Branch, NJ

The event will feature a multi-million-dollar redesign including all luxurious, spacious sleeping rooms, suites, ballrooms, spa, fitness center, indoor swimming pool and public spaces.

MatzaFun’s is proud to announce our 18th year of the Perfect Passover featuring elegant Passover


Visiting a Torah-Filled Community in India

A New Torah-Oriented Community

It was only recently that I learnt about a Torah-oriented community in Erode, in the state of Tamil Nadu, in South India. I felt close to them, since we shared a mother tongue, and immediately wanted to visit. Then, I


Sweet Inn Revolutionizes Apartment-Hotel Concept With Cutting-Edge Technology

Investing in a series of unique technological applications, Sweet Inn, an upstart Israeli apartment-hotel company, is using “TravelTech” to offer its discerning clientele an innovative and hassle-free vacation experience, unlike any other seen in the hospitality industry.

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