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Democracy and Religion: Creatures of Rights or Creatures of Duties

Korach was a cynical demagogue who launched a mutiny against Moshe. This was nothing holy about his intentions. The actual claims he lodged, however, did carry legitimacy. He asserted equal rights for every individual member of society, foreshadowing the great arguments of modern democracy.

“We hold


Yearning to Have an Open Relationship With Hashem

There are lots of signs of summer. School and yeshiva end and camp begins. Tests and classrooms take a backseat to the relaxing outdoors. Weddings abound—my fridge door is covered with invitations! But there’s another side of summer also. The Three Weeks / Nine Days are on the horizon. With this period of time, we are reminded of a


Korach and the Overbearing Parent

Numerous explanations are offered to explain what were Korach’s motivations in starting a religious mutiny against Moshe and Aharon. Rashi (16:7) cites the Midrash Tanchuma and teaches that Korach experienced a prophetic vision through which he saw that his descendants would include Shmuel HaNavi as well as numerous Levi’im who would


The Steps and Others

Step-Parent Week is generally celebrated in the beginning of June in the United States, but Halacha is something that applies all year round. Everyone knows about the mitzvah of honoring parents; It is one of the Ten Commandments. Indeed, according to the Gemara in Kiddushin, it is also one of the natural laws that the entire world is well


Chock Full o’ Nuts

Of all the symbols or signs that Hashem could have sent to convey to Bnei Yisrael that Ahron’s children and the tribe of Levi were Divinely designated for exclusive service in the mishkan, why were almonds chosen?

Korach, in the parsha bearing his name, deludes 250 men into thinking they had a right to


Feedback Feeds Growth

Korach throws a rebellion, and of course, Datan and Aviram are right up there with him. As the parsha begins (16:1-2), “And Korach…and Datan and Aviram…and Ohn ben Pelet…and they stood before Moshe….” This is no surprise as this was quite consistent with Datan and Aviram’s general behavior throughout the Torah. As the Midrash


The Responsive Baby Bassinet

There is a special bassinet that provides motion and soothing noise and reacts to an infant’s crying by intensifying them. Is it permitted to use this bassinet on Shabbat, and if so, are there special instructions?

[I researched the operation of a specific product but I have left the parenting research


Do You Have Faith? It’s Because You Are in Touch With Reality

What does it take to have faith?

According to Dictionary.com, you need to be a little bit... detached from reality. Here is how it defines “faith:” “Strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.”No wonder why when someone does something


Bnot Sinai: Bringing Women’s Torah Learning to the Five Towns

On August 8, founder Tamar Beer and program coordinator Rivky (Terebelo) Rosenfeld are preparing to present the fifth year of the summer program Bnot Sinai in the Beth Sholom congregation in the Five Towns, open to women of all ages who are passionate and dedicated to Torah learning.



Shabbat in Shul or in the ‘Fields’?

Things were dire. A death sentence was handed down to an entire population. For the next thirty-eight years, they would aimlessly wander through hot desert sands without hope and without future. An unimaginable horror of inescapable death, life slowly ticking away amidst endless dunes. All horizons of hope and of opportunity were


The Spies and How to Act

Parshat Shelach Lecha is one of the most fascinating parashot. Moshe sends 12 spies to scout the Land of Israel before the Jewish people enter it, a representative from each tribe, the elite leaders of the entire nation. Unfortunately, upon their return there was tremendous disappointment. Two spies were for entering the land and 10


Fulfilling Hashem’s Mission

Last year, I received an invitation to the wedding of Shmaryahu Shulman to Mika BenArbon. Shmaryahu had learned in my shiur two years before, for a few weeks during the summer. After that, he learned full-time in other yeshivos, and occasionally we’d bump into each other. I wanted to go to his wedding, but the Lakewood venue meant a long

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