Friday, September 17, 2021

Layla and Zahava rushed to the school gym, where the whole school would be, to find out who would be elected school president. Both of them were on the ballot. Becoming president was a big deal and everybody who ran got really annoyed if they didn’t win.

The principal came into the room and tried to get everyone to settle down, but what Zahava and Layla were focused on was the paper the principal was holding. It had a boring speech... and the names of the new president and vice president on it. Both of them were sitting next to their friends and pulling on their hands because they were so anxious.

Finally, the principal gave her speech and then announced that the president would be Zahava, and since Layla only had one less vote, she would be vice president. But that wasn’t enough for Layla. She wanted to be president and she didn’t care that being vice president was a great privilege.

Layla got really jealous and started telling everyone that Zahava had cheated. When the principal heard the rumor she went to check the security cameras and realized that Layla was lying.

The principal got really angry and told Layla that she couldn’t be vice president. Layla was really sad. She should have just been happy with what she had and now she had nothing.

Connection to the parsha:

In this week’s parsha we learn that Korach was very jealous that Moshe and Ahron were the leaders, so he told everybody that they didn’t deserve to be leaders and started a rebellion against them. Hashem punished him and made the ground swallow him whole. We should not be jealous of what we don’t have and be happy with what we have.

Questions for the week:

1. Are you ever jealous?

2. If so, does it end up hurting people?

3. How do you forget about other people’s stuff and focus on what Hashem gave you?

Challenge for the week:

Try not to focus on what others have and focus on what Hashem gave you.

Maayan Singer is a third grader at Yeshivat He’atid who loves to find lessons in the parsha and share them with the world.

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