Friday, September 17, 2021

Dov and Ayala, two friends, were walking home from school when it started to rain.

They were wearing short sleeves and they didn’t even have a sweatshirt. The rain was getting harder and harder when they passed a girl from the other class named Limor. Her house was right around the corner, but Ayala and Dov lived another six blocks away. Limor asked them if they wanted to stay at her house until the rain stopped. She said that whenever it rains they can go to her house instead of walking all the way home.

A few weeks later the principal announced that someone had written on the walls of the school building and if the person who did it does not confess he will get in big trouble. Ayala saw Limor write on the wall and was so excited to tell the principal all about it. Then she remembered how kind Limor always was to her and she decided not to tell the principal.

Connection to the parsha:

In this week’s parsha the Jews fought against the Midyanim. Moshe decided not to fight because when he ran away from Egypt to Midyan, the Midyanim had been very kind to him. From here we learn to always remember the good that people do for you.

Questions for the week:

1. When people do something good for you, do you give something back to them in return?

2. Would you have told the principal about what Limor did?

3. Do you ever help people?

Challenge for the week:

Try to recognize the good things that people do to you.

Maayan Singer is a rising fourth grader at Yeshivat He’Atid who loves to find lessons in the parsha and share them with the world.

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