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Parshat Vayikra: “The Victorious Victim”

I always experience a sense of excitement when I begin a new book. I am convinced that most avid readers feel the same way. This Shabbat gives us an opportunity to experience that excitement as we begin a new book, the book of Leviticus, and Parshat Vayikra.

The book, or


Shabbos HaGadol and Three Sifrei Torah

Next Shabbos is a very special Shabbos—we will be reading from three Sifrei Torah; (1) the parsha of the week, (2) the section for Rosh Chodesh, and (3) the section for Parshas Hachodesh.

The highlight of this Shabbos is Parshas Hachodesh, where God commands the Jewish nation to prepare for the holiday


Teaneck Jewish Center to Host Big Bread Burn

The eighth annual Big Bread Burn at the Jewish Center of Teaneck, 70 Sterling Place, a pre-Passover community-wide event, is expected to draw more than one thousand adults and children from Teaneck and the surrounding communities on Friday, April 3, 2015 from 9:30—11:40 a.m.

Appropriately named the


Yeshiva University Goes Global

Yeshiva University is building a new program within its Washington Heights walls: To send YU’s professors and coursework to the far ends of the earth—or at least as far as the Internet will take them. YU Global ( http://global.yu.edu/), a program officially launched in February with


Parshiot Vayakhel-Pikudei /Parshat Parah: “Black Sabbath”

We were walking down the long airport corridor on the way to the boarding gate. Somehow, it seems that whenever my wife and I have a flight to catch, anywhere, our gate is always at the furthest end of the long hall. We had plenty of time until the airplane departed, but somehow I experience an urgent need to rush whenever I am in


Parshat Ki Tisa: The Masked Man

As a person who likes to see the connections between the Jewish calendar of holiday celebrations and the weekly Torah reading, I have long been perplexed by the proximity of Purim to this week’s Torah portion, Ki Tisa( Exodus 30:11-34:35).

We generally read Parshat Ki Tisa


The Lesson of Mordechai: Keeping Faith in Our Youth

Any parent, teacher, or professional who spends considerable time with children and adolescents faces unique challenges and frustrations. The fact is that as young people go through the long process of growing up and trying to find their way in life, they often have rebellious attitudes and seemingly callous indifference to the world around


Our Problem With Downtime: Reflections on Shabbat

It is a curious feature of our contemporary culture that when given time off we often fret over lost wages and possibly squandered opportunities. This was especially manifest during the recent snowstorm that wasn’t. The ensuing spate of criticism at the National Weather Service and local weathermen and women for getting it wrong and


Scholar In Residence Rabbi Menachem Penner @ AABJ&D This Shabbos

Parsha Ki Tisa/ March 7, Congregation AABJ&D in West Orange will host scholar-in-residence Rabbi Menachem Penner. He will speak after Kiddush on Shabbat morning on the topic of Preparing Today for the Jewish Community of Tomorrow, and during seudah shlishit on Haftarat Ki Tisa: The Most Exciting Story in Tanakh. Rabbi Mark Smilowitz will be


Parashat Tetzaveh: To Carry the Names Before God

The Kohanim hold a lofty position among the Jewish People. They are the ones who serve before God in the Beit HaMikdash, who protect the Temple, and who administer and execute all of its functions. As such, they are a permanent part of the Temple. When one enters the Temple, what he or she expects to see is the glorious structure itself,


Parshat Terumah: ‘One of the Angels’

My grandmother was one of the angels. Like every Jewish grandmother, she loved each and every one of her grandchildren. As her oldest grandchild, I believed that I was surely her favorite. But I eventually discovered that my siblings and cousins were all equally convinced that they were her favorites.


The Origin of Taanit Esther

The origin of this fast has always been a mystery. A fast on the 13th of Adar is not mentioned in the book of Esther. Nor is such a fast mentioned in Tannaitic or Amoraic literature.

Interestingly, the 13th of Adar (Yom Nikanor) is one of the holidays included in Megillat Taanit. This means that in

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