April 14, 2024
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April 14, 2024
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Dr. Elliot Samet, z”l: An Angel Sent From Heaven

A bochur in yeshiva gedola I was,

Passaic was home away from home,

A bit different than my Brooklyn upbringing,

A significantly quieter tone.

It was a day before camp,

Getting ready all my gear,

But then painful feelings set in,

Striking me with fear.

With my parents far away,

Not knowing what to do,

I was sent to Dr. Samet’s office,

“He can probably help you.”

Came into his office,

For the first time ever,

New paperwork needed to be worked out,

He said,“We’ll just take care of it later.”

He checked me out;

Keeping me as calm as can be,

He said, “An issue we have,

but no need to worry.

You’ll have to go to the hospital now,

It will all be fine,

I will be here for you,

As you are now a patient of mine.”

“A big doctor there I know,

And my protexia I will use,

I will convince him to go now to the ER,

With no time to lose.”

First time in an ambulance,

With my parents not even there,

Dr. Samet reassured me,

That he will arrange the best of care.

I was rushed to Hackensack,

In a bed I was laid.

They said, “The hospital doctor is on his way;

Arrangements have been made.”

With my parents still not there,

I was sitting there trembling,

The nurse comes in and says,

“There is someone here waiting.”

In walks Dr. Samet,

This was the second time we met,

Calls me by my first name,

“Sorry, I just had a few patients left.

I knew you would feel scared,

so I came to be by your side,

I’ll stay here with you,

’Til your parents arrive.”

The Dr. treated me like a son,

Following up on the case,

Ensuring it was going smoothly,

Channeling the medical race.

After recovery, we went to the Dr.’s home,

To drop off a small gift,

He said, “I didn’t do anything special,

I chipped in only just a bit.”

I couldn’t have said it better,

His way of life was in that form,

To him the “extraordinary”

Was his everyday norm.

A character that shines,

Now a role model for me,

Truly living for others,

All so selflessly.

May Hashem give you much strength,

As well to the entire mishpacha,

To get through this tough time,

And grant you a nechama.

Only simchas in the future,

May we all share,

With the coming of Moshiach,

Already this year!

Hamakom y’nacheim eschem b’soch aveilei tzion v’Yerushalayim.

By a Grateful Patient


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