Friday, December 09, 2022


The Bayit Association and Ohel Hold First Joint Info Meeting in Teaneck

This past Sunday night, December 4, I was privileged to help organize, attend and speak at The Bayit Association’s first-ever joint info session and forum with our new partner, Ohel. The unique session was aimed at parents interested in learning more about the new Bayit-Ohel partnership and their childrens’


Can We Help the Jews of Iran?

According to anecdotal counts, there are between 8,000 and 10,000 Jews currently living in Iran. Most live in Tehran, with some active communities in Isfahan and Shiraz. Those in Tehran are mainly associated with the Yusef Abad Center, an Orthodox community with ties to Chabad Lubavitch. For the last 10 weeks, according to


Teaneck's Ira & Joyce Buckman, on right, made aliyah this past week. They are pictured here with their family upon arriving in Israel. 


Saying Thanks on Thanksgiving, and Every Day

As staff members of The Jewish Link, we try very hard to channel and represent our readership, in some measure, in all of its diversity. We daven, we keep kosher, we go to shul and learn, we send our children to Jewish schools, we support Israel and dedicate time to the many organizations we care about. We give tzedaka and we support local businesses. (We especially


What a Mishmar! Come and Join!

An amazing launch of the Mendel Balk Yachad Center (MBYC) Thursday Mishmar Program.

Over the past two Thursday nights, I have participated in a unique program that I must share with our readers: The Thursday night Mishmar Program at the Teaneck-based Mendel


Moving Teaneck Forward, Together! But Only If You VOTE!

As voting has already begun, I wanted to share some of my personal insights into the slates I am supporting as part of Teaneck municipal elections this fall. With early in-person voting already going on and with thousands who have already voted and more early voting this Sunday at Teaneck's Rodda Center, there is no reason why we can’t


Join Us at the Second Annual Kosher Food and Wine Expo on Nov. 7

Now that the Yamim Tovim are behind us and, hopefully, our sukkahs have been put away and the Yom Tov leftovers are long gone, I am sure many of us have been looking forward to getting back to our regular work, school, shul and learning schedules. We are also now entering the fall event season and many of our community’s


In the Shelter of Your Wings

When I first learned late this summer that my brother was gravely ill and declining, I briefly hesitated to call my rabbis and friends because they already do so much for me and my family, on a daily and weekly basis. But then I knew I needed them urgently and would be needing more from them imminently. I made the calls and got


Moving Teaneck Forward, Together! But Only if You VOTE!

As mail-in voting has already begun, I wanted to share some of my personal insights into the slates I am supporting as part of Teaneck municipal elections this fall. Early in-person voting will also commence at the Rodda Center in Votee Park beginning October 29. Additionally with one day town-wide voting on November 8, there is no reason


Too Busy to Pray, Busier Than God Wants Us to Be?

I write this piece with just over 24 hours remaining until Kol Nidrei and of course, we are on deadline, as we often seem to be during these shorter weeks with the Yamim Noraim and Sukkot coming around. Due to the timing of Yom Kippur last Tuesday night and Wednesday (our usual deadline times), this week’s Sukkot edition required us to go


Hearing the Call This Rosh Hashanah

This past month, the Rabbinical Council of Bergen County (RCBC), in collaboration with 14 community schools in Bergen County, has been engaging in a communal cheshbon hanefesh, a self-reflection, so to speak, regarding device usage, through its initiative “Living Connected.” While noting they are not advocating for the elimination of


A Pre-Rosh Hashanah Reflection

I started writing this piece with the stirring sounds and music of Eitan Katz and Simcha Leiner still resounding in my ears as I began the first night of selichot with a beautiful multi-shul pre-selichot kumzitz with Eitan Katz as the main attraction. That packed event, a joint venture between Teaneck’s Keter Torah and

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