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A Direct Discussion of Our Community’s Financial Future

Please join us for a June 6 discussion with Rabbi Jeremy Wieder.

One of the things I love most about being a publisher of The Jewish Link, and often tell others, is how proud and privileged I feel to be running a Jewish community paper and platform for a community that is


Chag Shavuot Sameach!

In our communities, where all-night learning is a homegrown feature of many shul Shavuot programs, we hope that all the words of Torah that are heard and learned will be as sweet as the cheesecake and other treats everyone has been preparing all week. And we hope that this whopping, jam-packed Shavuot edition newspaper we’ve prepared for


The First-Ever World Orthodox Israel Congress

This past week, I flew to Israel to participate—along with nearly 1,000 delegates from 50+ countries and more than 200 different cities—in the first ever World Orthodox Israel Congress, organized by World Mizrachi. I was originally invited by Rabbi Reuven Taragin of Yeshivat HaKotel and World Mizrachi


Clearing the Chametz From Our Heads This Pesach

It’s hard to imagine a din louder than the one that occurs in Israel as a chag approaches, but this time the noise is not about Pesach or even our faith. There’s so much noise, so many protests, so many op-eds, statements, perspectives and weigh-ins from every political leader. That Israel’s judiciary reform debate is at the top of


A Pre-Pesach and Post 10th Anniversary Reflection

Note: With the way Pesach falls this year, many publications originally weren’t sure what to do for their pre-Pesach editions. Some decided to print their main Pesach edition last week, March 31/April 1, and some decided to print one for this week, Erev Pesach, even though it would mean a lot more work for all involved. If you’re


The Jewish Link Wine Guide Is Here

We are excited to present the third annual Jewish Link Wine Guide, inserted into your newspapers this week. Please enjoy! We hope our efforts will help guide your wine purchases for Pesach and beyond. This passion project is designed to support the worldwide kosher wine industry and all of its players. We thank our contributors,


Let’s Support Yachad Together on March 20

There are so many individuals who together as one (b’yachad) make Yachad NJ the success it is today. Let’s celebrate this magnificent organization together on Monday, March 20 at 7 p.m. at Ahavath Torah in Englewood.

Those who have watched this OU-sponsored organization expand its services


Introducing The Jewish Link Pitch Meeting Podcast

The Jewish Link Pitch Meeting Podcast’s first episode has dropped! It is hosted by Jewish Link Moshe Kinderlehrer and Elizabeth Kratz, both of whom Jewish Link readers need no introduction. The Jewish Link created this podcast as a fresh and dynamic platform for discussing the news that matters to our readership. Our esteemed


Marking 10 Years Of The Jewish Link!

Although my friends and some of our close readers like to humor me occasionally and tell me they barely remember a


Happy Ten Years, Jewish Link!

In the book “Positivity Bias” by Rabbi Mendel Kalmanson, the lessons of the Lubavitcher Rebbe are front and center: “We learn that life is essentially good; that positive perception is applicable and accessible to all; and that it derives from objective, rational insight, not subjective, wishful imagination, and that positive living


Is The Jewish Link a Mitzvah?

Usually, at a birthday or an anniversary, I think about how hard it is to believe that so much time has passed. As we celebrate The Jewish Link’s 10th anniversary, I find it hard to believe that the newspaper and its amazing staff have accomplished so much in so little time. The newspaper has grown—not just in terms of weekly pages, but


The Evolution of the Jewish Link’s Looks


As I look back over the past 10 years worth of issues, so many memories come to the fore. Each and every edition represents a literal snapshot of our community’s life and history over the past decade.

My editors and I often

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