Friday, August 19, 2022


Away for the Weekend!

Almost every summer, except the recent COVID summers, my wife and I have enjoyed going away  for Shabbat to visit old friends in various communities throughout the tri-state area. Over the past few weeks, we have spent weekends at Beaver Lake in the Catskills, in the Five Towns (Woodmere) and, this past Shabbat, at the Jersey Shore in


Welcoming ‘From Here to There’

On page 56 this week, we are pleased to present a new column based in dialogue, launched by the Rabbinical Council of America and Barkai, envisioned by Teaneck's Rabbi Chaim Strauchler of Rinat Yisrael, and Israel's Rabbi David Fine, founder and dean of the Barkai Center for Practical Rabbinics and Community Development.


A Post-Wedding Report

In the month since our eldest and only daughter’s wedding, I have been struggling to write a nice and uplifting post-wedding piece to publish in this space. It is not a case of writer’s block or the summer blues or because I am more distracted than I typically would be … that’s not it at all. Nor is it due, God forbid, to


Remembering Rabbi Chaim Wasserman, zt”l

“Birshus HaRav.” With these two words, Rabbi Chaim Wasserman, zt”l, signaled to his synagogue and community the beginning of a new era for his kehilla. It was Parshas Re’eh in 2005, and I was sitting at a seudah shlishit during a “transition Shabbos” that celebrated the legacy of Rabbi Wasserman’s outgoing tenure, and


Ben & Jerry’s Leaves Us With a Bad Taste

In what continues to be a communal and legal embarrassment, Ben & Jerry’s antisemitic push to stop selling its ice cream in Judea and Samaria continues to cause “Eskimo brain freeze,” i.e., a sudden headache, for all those who used to love Chubby Hubby, Cherry Garcia or New York Super Fudge Chunk.


Congrats to Our Jewish Link Rockower Award Winners!

This past week, we were sorry our senior staff members couldn’t hop on a plane to Atlanta to shep nachas for our having received three awards—our best showing ever—at the American Jewish Press Association’s Simon Rockower Awards presentation (for work done in 2021), part of the AJPA annual conference. These “Jewish


Rabbi Chaim Wasserman, zt”l

It is with profound sadness that we share the passing of the Rabbi Emeritus of the Young Israel of Passaic Clifton, HaRav Chaim Wasserman, zt”l.

Beloved husband of Rebbetzin Leah Wasserman and beloved father of Adina Mermelstein, Shmuel Wasserman, a”h, Rabbi Daniel Wasserman and Hillel


A Jewish Link Hiking and Marriage Story

Although I said I wouldn’t be writing much until after our family’s wedding, I realized again late on deadline day that I have been carrying around a special story to share with our readers that I believe you will enjoy.

I am often approached at events, in shul or on the street by our readers who


A Win for Anti-BDS Advocates: Morningstar Admits Downgrading Israel in Ratings Tool

In a time in which there has been a dizzying array of setbacks when it comes to fighting those who pursue hatred of Jews and Israel, it is good to see a well-fought victory. Morningstar, a Chicago-based multibillion-dollar investment research firm that recommends companies based on a wide variety of indexing tools, told investors it dropped


A Whirlwind Few Weeks Leading Up to Shavuot

I meant to write last week but unfortunately fell far behind and found myself late on last deadline day with no column, again. I told my editors that I would definitely write for the big, mega-Shavuot edition. With multitudinous and seemingly never-ending preparations coming up in advance of our daughter’s wedding in a few


Sorry to See Rep. Pascrell Join ‘Delegitimization of Israel’ Movement

The (edited) text of an email The Jewish Link received this week:

“Jews are murdered savagely with axes by Palestinians in a central town of El-Ad in Israel, and there is no investigation by the world’s media, by Congress, by the UN, or by the International Criminal Court.


Fighting Jew-Hatred as Winners, Not Victims

Is it possible that our fight against antisemitism has become so loud and alarmist that it could backfire and become counterproductive?

We rarely ask this question, perhaps because the imperative of fighting Jew-hatred seems so obvious. Why would anyone question it?

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