Saturday, January 28, 2023

Gathering news from around the world as we do, it is obvious that we are living in interesting and tough times – and the last few weeks have been particularly rough. Yet readers who riffle through the pages of JLBC, see our great hopes for the future reflected in the happy shining faces of our community’s children, who play together and grow up together in a respectful environment. There is joy in reading about the accomplishments of the people in our community and about the amazing chessed opportunities they create.

Yes, there’s change and upheaval going on everywhere, from our local schools to the Kotel plaza, from Washington to the Middle East to Eastern Europe. We try to bring it to your doorstep, every other Friday, giving you two Shabbosim to read through the hard news, the analysis, and news you can use, as well as divrei Torah, thought provoking op-eds, first person stories that inspire, household tips and recipes, and most important of all, the stories of our schools and sports teams, the people in our neighborhood.

This is our tenth issue. We consider it a milestone, like a toddler who grew an inch, it was marked on the doorpost. We hope you are enjoying e the eclectic mix of subjects and articles we’re bringing to your attention. Remember you have a voice, too. And we’d love to hear from you. We’ve been lambasted and loved, and we want to know what you think. Write us at Editor_JewishLinkbc.com.

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