Friday, January 28, 2022

After a difficult, albeit inclusive election day in Israel, it is our hope that the nation can come together in a show of unity.

Whether it’s Likud or Blue and White leading the government, the last thing Israel needs to do is weaken itself through divisiveness. Its enemies would love to see the Jewish state politically eat itself alive through disunity.

Also, we think it would be unfortunate should the coalition of Arab parties be given coalition-building gravitas.

Israel is a Jewish nation and democracy and it needs to work out its political differences as a Jewish people.

With the Trump administration preparing to divulge its peace plan, Iran’s dangerous escalation of regional hostilities, Israel’s recent behind-the-scenes business connections with Arab governments and a radicalization of the Democratic Party left, it seems the Jewish state is being observed from several different international angles.

As The Jewish Link headed toward deadlines with results in Israel’s election not yet sealed, we could only hope the still relatively young State of Israel puts a government in place that will take the aspirations of its people securely forward.

At the same time, we want to acknowledge the work that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has accomplished in leading an Israel of growth, capturing many aspects of a strong regional power and a modern, diverse society based on Jewish values. It is under Netanyahu’s long and heralded leadership that a course has been set for almost any future leader to pick up and continue.

So no matter Likud or Blue and White, there’s a chance that the prime minister’s first name will once again be Benjamin.

We’ll just have to let the people of Israel figure that out.

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