Thursday, June 01, 2023

It has taken a while for the President and the State Department to get their act together in order to fight ISIS. Amazingly ISIS is openly recruiting all over Europe, in cities like Split, Croatia. That’s not a surprise, because the Balkans were where the original battles against Islamic terrorists were fought as early as 1990, when Sarajevo exploded. Since then, no one could have imagined that NATO (which was there as “watchers”) and all the Western nations would now have to band together with Saudi Arabia and Iran to defeat ISIS, and Israel is now allies with Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. The baddest guys are Qatar and Turkey…which leads to an interesting question…Why are U.S. bases there? Why are we selling them arms and ammunition? And how do we get out of there before the terrorists, like those of Hezbollah, pull the same thing they did at the Marine base in Lebanon? It’s time to apply some pressure.


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