Tuesday, March 28, 2023

The annual Project Ezrah dinner is this Motzei Shabbos at Keter Torah in Teaneck. If you live in Bergen County and are a member of a shul, you received your invitations, viewed emails about the dinner, heard from your local rabbi about it, and perhaps received calls and emails from friends and neighbors exhorting you to attend or support this unique chesed organization. The Jewish Link is proud to join that chorus and ask you to make your last minute reservations and go. And if you can’t, please send them a donation…as much as you can afford.

We often don’t know who Project Ezrah helps, and they aim to keep it that way. They are very discreet. But we all know neighbors who are or have been in trouble, and when they are in trouble, we are all in trouble. Project Ezrah helps our neighbors with financial assistance, job retraining, household management, counseling and so many other things.

Featured at this year’s dinner is a memorial for the beloved Rabbi Yossie Stern, z’l , as well as an introduction to Ezrah’s new executive director Robert Hoenig. The rabbeim of the community will be honored as well as a collection of neighbors who have helped others in non-monetary ways over the last year. We encourage everyone to give generously and make every effort to support this very worthy organization.

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