Saturday, March 25, 2023

The siblings and in-laws of Donny Hain have come forward on his behalf and for their parents, to ask the community to step up to the plate and help save Donny. Like many in the community, Donny has special needs, and like many of them, he found his unique place in the community and in people’s hearts. He is part of life in Teaneck. But his special needs have brought him to dire straits, and he needs us to help his family and doctors find the right person who can give him a kidney and save his life.

We are being asked to do something very special, something Rabbi Simon of Teaneck’s Chabad, and Mrs. Barbara Goldin, the wife of Rabbi Shmuel Goldin of Ahavath Torah, have already done. They each donated a kidney so someone would have life. The mere fact that such a thing is possible is a miracle min hashamayim. It is even more min hashamayim when we ourselves become part of the process so that the miracle of giving life can take place. Anyone of us could be the right match. The healthy folk among us should think about getting tested. Not just for Donny, but for others who are on the years’ and years’ long official waiting list.

For those of us who already know that we cannot be donors, we have an achrayus to spread the word, to tell the extended community about Donny.  Maybe among those people we touch, there will be the person who can save his life.

If you want to get tested, contact Renewal. Call 718 431-9831 and reference Donny’s code: R840; email Renewal at [email protected] Renewal’s website is www.renewal.org. All inquiries to Renewal are strictly confidential and without obligation.

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