Tuesday, March 28, 2023

In just a handful of days, we’ll be observing Purim. We will read the Megillah, and our shuls will blessedly be filled with  girls and boys, teens and adults in costume. Neighborhood streets will become crowded with costumed drivers delivering meshloach manot Purim morning. What we should not forget, is the real neshama Purim—it’s really about Matanot LaEvyonim or giving money to appropriate charities who reach Jews in financial need.

This has been a particularly brutal winter. We may not know that the person sitting next to us in shul had to decide between paying for heat or keeping enough food in the house for his family. There are many among us who are too proud to ask for help. But our rabbis and our Jewish social service agencies know who could use extra funds.

So when you go to shul and see a pushke, give a little more. Buy Meshloach Manot cards from the organizations that do the most. Because the real gift this Purim, aside from Rabbi Rothwachs’ gift to Donny, is a check that you know will reach our families in urgent need.

Have a Freilichin Purim. Help others to do the same.

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