Tuesday, March 28, 2023

At seemingly every opportunity, the world is quick to send any negative comments or criticisms towards Israel.

Israel does what it can to rise above the hollow rhetoric. What the Jewish State often will do is speak with action instead of words.

Such is the case as we learn that IDF search-and-rescue teams will soon set up in earthquake-ravaged Nepal where over 4,000 are dead and eight million lives have been impacted.

Israeli teams installing a field hospital for the local Kathmandu population with some 80 beds, two operating rooms, four intensive-care rooms, and specialists in various areas of care. This is in addition to over 200 physicians, sanitary engineers, and other medical technicians in Nepal from Israel.

Already Mahendra Bahudur Pandey, Nepal’s Foreign Minister, has personally thanked Israel’s FM Avigdor Liberman for the humanitarian aid.

The Israeli search-and-rescue teams are not there just to find the many Israelis who were in the area during the earthquake. They are there for all who need their help.

Sometimes when we get caught up in yet another negative UN gesture towards Israel, BDS, and hostility towards Israel on our college campuses, the Jewish State will remind us once again why it is the light unto the nations.

Israel is there to help after a 7.8-magnitude earthquake. The rescue teams aren’t asking victims how they feel about BDS or a two-state solution. These are Israelis there to help humanity. No questions asked.

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