Friday, May 20, 2022


An Author Leaves Us Speechless

Every one of us seems to have had multiple copies of these books in our house. Whole shelves, even. A solid three generations of children and adults across the religious spectrum, from Haredi to ultra-Modern, have read and enjoyed the “Kids Speak” and “People Speak” series—books that have made us and our children feel less alone,


Mazel Tov to Our Mishna Yomi Learners!

What ties together our communities the most, one can argue, is the varied and vibrant availability of fantastic learning opportunities. In an average Jewish Link-area shul, there are, at the very minimum, three to five quality shiurim available every Shabbat, and during the week opportunities abound as well, both in one’s local shul and


Taking a Breath on Shabbat

In our November 24 edition we printed an article, “2021 Shabbat Project Roars Back With Record Participation,” about the post-COVID Shabbat project, which saw a record 1,166 citywide “unity events,” in addition to thousands of private events across 1,511 cities worldwide. It brings us joy and hope for the future that so many Jews


Happy Chanukah From The Jewish Link

It’s with great joy that many on our staff have been able to participate in and be recipients of even more pictures and videos of the many festive outdoor Chanukah events this year, in virtually every community we represent. We hope that all celebrations will continue with great joy, safety and security throughout the weekend.


Pick Up Your Jewish Link In Florida!

Did you pick up your copy of The Jewish Link in South Florida last week? If not, make sure to check it out this week, pictured here at Aroma Market.


Terror Strikes Our Hearts Again: Eliyahu David Kay, HY”D

The photos and videos on social media about the kind, good, love-filled life of Eliyahu David Kay, HY”D, are searing. Taken in a terror attack in the Old City this past Sunday, this smiling 26-year-old South African Jew was clearly loved by a huge family and a strong fiancée, Jen Schiff. Now he is loved, heartbreakingly, by all who love


Lighting the Menorah at Newark Liberty Airport’s Original Terminal

I got my traditional pre-Chanukah call from Rabbi Kanelsky of Bris Avrohom this past Sunday night. He was calling to invite me to participate in my annual trip to join him on one of the 141 menorah lightings that he does throughout the tristate area in public locations and areas such as all our local airports,


A Community That Votes Together…Becomes Influencers

Pardon the millennial-speak of “influencers,” but we mean it not in a digital way, but in an IRL (in real life) way. It’s not that the Jewish community voted together as a block for a slate of candidates; it’s that we voted.

At press time, the outcomes of many races had yet to even be called. But


Post-Shiva Thoughts About My Father-in-Law, Rabbi Dr. Mordechai Glick, z”l

I write this on Tuesday with my wife having just gotten up from sitting shiva for my father-in-law Rabbi Dr. Mordechai Glick. It has been a challenging week on many levels and a completely exhausting and draining one for my wife, her siblings and, most of all, my mother-in-law. Although I wasn’t there for all hours of the shiva, as I did


Grieving, Mourning and Comforting, For Ourselves and for Others

I read recently that rabbis, in particular, are dealing this fall with unprecedented mental health crises in their communities, as many of their congregants deal with myriad family losses. These are attributed, both directly or indirectly, to the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, no one is surprised by this, as none of us have been spared from


Yehi Zichro Baruch Rabbi Dr. Mordechai Glick, z”l

The Jewish Link mourns the passing of Rabbi Dr. Mordechai Glick of Bergenfield. An early supporter and incisive writer for The Jewish Link, Rabbi Glick was one of our own, though firstly he was the husband of our own beloved contributing editor Nina Glick. A musmach of the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological


A Packed Post-Chagim Sunday!

I write this piece pretty late on our deadline day—as is my custom lately—but I felt I had to share a bit about the past few days and the first non-Yom Tov-filled week since late August.

Please don’t misunderstand me—the yom tovim were all very special and beautiful, but as I and our staff know,

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