Friday, June 09, 2023


Remembering My First-Year Semicha Rebbe: Rabbi Abba Bronspiegel, zt”l

I was saddened this week to learn of the passing of Rabbi Abraham “Abba” Bronspiegel zt’’l, a longtime YU/RIETS Rosh Yeshiva and a founding Rosh Yeshiva at Beis Medrash L’Talmud at Lander College for Men. Rabbi Bronspiegel was my rebbe for my first year of RIETS semicha (1995-1996) and that year was probably my best year


A Warm Trip to Cold Montreal

Some may be shocked to hear that I traveled with my wife and eldest and youngest sons this past weekend—the coldest weekend of the year—not to some warm resort, but rather to far-more-frigid-than-NJ Montreal, where the temperature was -20. This was considered cold even by Montreal’s lower (or higher,


Thanks for the Memories

No, I’m not talking to a person. I’m talking to the house in which I grew up. After more than 50 years, my parents are moving out of our family home.

It’s time, don’t get me wrong. But … wow … I did not think about how bittersweet this whole experience would be. For all of


Celebrating 10 Years With Mega Giveaways

On March 7, 2013, The Jewish Link published its first-ever print edition, covering stories that mattered to the Bergen County Jewish communities. By 2015, the paper expanded coverage to include Union and Essex Counties and then Passaic and Middlesex Counties the following year. Over the pandemic, we continued to grow, and


What a Trip to Israel!!

I normally write my publisher pieces late at night but upon my return from a very special winter/yeshiva break trip to Israel this past Sunday morning, I have simply been unable to stay awake past 9/10 p.m. and have just not fully adjusted back to our local time zone. Hopefully, I will fully adjust by the weekend. So I write this


A Painful Moment in Teaneck Politics

I don’t usually write about politics in this space and I don’t intend to make a habit of it, but I feel compelled to write about what happened at the Teaneck Town Council’s reorganization meeting two Tuesday evenings ago. I write this because I am fairly sure most of our Teaneck readers are not aware of what happened that night, and


A Responsibility to Help: My SINAI Brothers at TABC

In last week’s edition of The Jewish Link, I read about Tzvi Solomon’s involvement in SINAI, starting with his days at TABC and leading up to being honored at the upcoming SINAI Schools’ dinner in February (“Supporting Classmates, Supporting SINAI”). Tzvi’s story reminded me of my involvement with SINAI in so many ways. (As an


Our First-Ever Serial Novel, ‘Family Foundations’

With this week’s edition, we at The Jewish Link have reached another milestone in the life of our publication. Which milestone, you ask?

On page 165 The Jewish Link is publishing the initial chapter in our first-ever serial fiction series, entitled “Family Foundations.”


The Bayit Association and Ohel Hold First Joint Info Meeting in Teaneck

This past Sunday night, December 4, I was privileged to help organize, attend and speak at The Bayit Association’s first-ever joint info session and forum with our new partner, Ohel. The unique session was aimed at parents interested in learning more about the new Bayit-Ohel partnership and their childrens’


Can We Help the Jews of Iran?

According to anecdotal counts, there are between 8,000 and 10,000 Jews currently living in Iran. Most live in Tehran, with some active communities in Isfahan and Shiraz. Those in Tehran are mainly associated with the Yusef Abad Center, an Orthodox community with ties to Chabad Lubavitch. For the last 10 weeks, according to


Teaneck's Ira & Joyce Buckman, on right, made aliyah this past week. They are pictured here with their family upon arriving in Israel. 


Saying Thanks on Thanksgiving, and Every Day

As staff members of The Jewish Link, we try very hard to channel and represent our readership, in some measure, in all of its diversity. We daven, we keep kosher, we go to shul and learn, we send our children to Jewish schools, we support Israel and dedicate time to the many organizations we care about. We give tzedaka and we support local businesses. (We especially

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