Sunday, October 24, 2021


Shabbat, Tisha B’Av and the Key to Jewish Survival

A fashion designer once said, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” While there is truth to this statement throughout the year, it is particularly accurate this Shabbat, known as Shabbat Chazon, the Shabbat immediately preceding the fast of Tisha B’Av.

According to Rabbi


Thoughts On Winning a Rockower Award

In last week’s edition, we published an article about our editor Elizabeth Kratz winning what is known in Jewish journalism as the Simon Rockower Award, for an article she wrote last July.

For those who don’t know or didn’t read the article last week, the Rockower Awards are sponsored by


The Jewish Link, Now Available at the Jersey Shore!

With graduation season behind us and day camps, sleepaway camps and summer programs all starting in the past week or so, and as the weather has gotten even hotter this past week, perhaps you are planning your summer getaway or have already arrived at the beach or the mountains.

Wherever your favorite


Sapir Journal Seeks to Highlight ‘Sane Middle’ in Jewish Discourse

Last month, the Maimonides Fund, with distribution assistance from the Jewish Insider, launched the first of four planned 2021 limited edition print and online issues of Sapir Journal (sapirjournal.org). The journal seeks to address the future of the American Jewish community and its intersection with cultural, social and political


Presenting Facts and Logic About the Middle East

Last month, as rocket fire from Gaza began raining down on the Israeli civilian population, social media memes, insults, horribly antisemitic statements and even blood libel on the cover of The New York Times began raining on the world’s Jewish population. The only difference was that Hamas’ rockets largely stopped as the IDF fought


Thoughts on the Graduation Trifecta: Stern College, TABC and Yeshivat Noam

About 11 years ago, my wife and I, along with our immediate family, spent a crowded but memorable Sukkot together with my in-laws at their old home in Montreal. Over what would be one of the last all-family Montreal Sukkot with all of my in-laws’ family, including all our nieces and nephews, we gathered together in my in-laws’


Congratulations, Graduates!

Many families with graduating seniors, middle schoolers and even kindergarteners are celebrating this strange school year’s conclusion with immense joy and thanksgiving. What a year it has been!

The vaccine that is slowly but surely bringing us back to one another is a blessing indeed, and we are so


Let’s March for Israel This Sunday

Most of us know, intrinsically, that there is such a thing as objective truth as opposed to opinion, or perspective, or even “lived experience,” despite what The New York Times prints as their version of the news. Without invalidating that there is a vast array of legitimate opinion, perspective and lived experiences, pro and con, on


Why I Am Supporting Gordon Johnson for State Senate

Assemblyman Gordon Johnson has served honorably in the New Jersey State Assembly since 2001. With the retirement of Senator Loretta Weinberg, I am pleased to support him in his candidacy for State Senate, for the primary election being held on June 8, 2021.

I have had the privilege of knowing Johnson for


Can We Put Aside Our Differences To Tell the Truth About Israel?

Our work is cut out for us. American Jews are losing the street fight for Israel, a fact we all realized quite abruptly this past week. This affects any Jew anywhere—on social media, in a pizza store, on a walk on Shabbat in Teaneck or Brooklyn, even sitting in a car in traffic. If we have any Jewish identifier, a kippah maybe, or a skirt


TikTok Is Winning the War Against Israel

The rockets from Gaza that are raining on Israel this week, that continue to be launched into residential neighborhoods even as we type, should be a wake-up call for all Jews to understand that whether we are civilians or not, our very existence is under attack. It was Kristallnacht all over again in Lod this week, as Arab bullies roamed


Not the Column I Envisioned Going Into Shavuot

Like many of my columns, unfortunately, this one was written late on our deadline day and is not the piece that I originally envisioned. I had originally planned to write a nice and completely positive piece about how excited and happy I was to participate in a number of unique events this past week, such as the Hachnasat Sefer Torah for

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