Tuesday, November 24, 2020


Staying Strong Through the Storm

It has been a truly exhausting week for all of us. It is perhaps not a physically tired feeling, but a mental exhaustion driven by the lack of control over our own world. It may seem as if coronavirus now controls our lives, but we must remember that it is, and has always been, Hashem Who is in control. As Rabbi Aron Moss, of


Balancing Bitachon With Common Sense

Bitachon means trust in Hashem. As we have all read our emails and media headlines with increasing anxiety this week, we have had a variety of reactions. From the panic-stricken to the complacent, it appears there are about as many views about Covid-19 as there are people in this world. Many bar and bat mitzvah celebrations, not to mention


Thoughts on a Special Shul and Community—The Celebrate Beth Aaron Weekend

(Note: I originally planned to publish this in last week’s edition but held off in part due to our paper’s seventh anniversary edition and in part because of the constant and late breaking news about the spread of the coronavirus and its growing impact on our community.)

What a weekend! This


Thoughts on Our Seventh Anniversary

Although I know the coronavirus has everyone on edge in our community and beyond, I cannot let the occasion of The Jewish Link’s seventh anniversary pass by completely unmentioned and unnoticed.

Moments such as these are a wonderful chance to look back and reflect a bit and, most importantly, say thank


Seeking Refuah During a Whirlwind News Cycle

As members of the Jewish community, our staff is intimately aware of the onslaught of emails, concerns, repercussions and quarantines associated with coronavirus having been diagnosed in our community. Primary among our thoughts is to daven, wholeheartedly, for the refuah sheleima of Eliezer Yitzchak ben Shifra, his entire family and


SINAI Schools’ Special Evening: This Sunday Night, February 23

We at The Jewish Link are proud that one of the brightest jewels of our community is SINAI Schools, which provides individualized day school and yeshiva high school education programs for our children with special needs. And this coming Sunday, a thousand of us, many with no children enrolled at SINAI, will attend this year’s SINAI


From Tu B’Shevat to Table Tennis

As any reader of our paper knows, we have a lot going on in our communities, with so many events, programs and all manner of happenings throughout our entire area. Readers and friends will often come and tell me they are literally blown away by how much is going on here and how many events are being


To Me, the AIPAC Policy Conference is All About the Love

For those of you who have never been to the annual AIPAC Policy Conference, let me just say that it has to be experienced to be fully understood. The cavernous room filled with close to 20,000 supporters of the U.S.-Israel relationship is only the tip of the iceberg. Video clips and newspaper articles just do not do it justice. I should


Why the World Zionist Organization — And Your Vote — Really Matter

Voices poking holes in America’s previously widespread, collective bipartisan support of Israel have been, in recent years, increasingly critical toward Israel in public fora, supportive of dangerous concessions to the Palestinians and in agreement with the appeasement of Iran.

To be quite frank, these


Organizations Impacting Our Community

We are proud that our many organizational partners and advertisers — the Orthodox Union, Yeshiva University, Touro College, Ohr Torah Stone, AMIT, Renewal, SINAI Schools, Screening Our Future and so many other entities—have utilized The Jewish Link to launch their newest projects and most important campaigns. Many in our community are


Israel: ‘Hamas, Don’t Mess With the Holocaust’

At press time, as 50 world leaders continued to arrive in Israel for the fifth annual World Holocaust Forum in Jerusalem, Israel has sent Hamas a warning that it will respond immediately and with force if the terrorist organization attempts to undermine the forum.

The op-ed in an Arab newspaper was


This Yeshiva Week, Let’s Make a Kiddush Hashem

Many of us are heading into a week-long break from school and work to spend time with our families and friends. Some of us will head to sunny destinations, while others will “staycation” here and enjoy the vast array of fun activities our region offers. (See our staycation feature on pages 84 and 86). However, wherever we go this week,