Thursday, October 01, 2020


It Came to Us on Shavous, It Came and Made Us Free

Torah, to quote the song we learned as kids for this Yom Tov, came and brought us liberty. It gave us a set of basic rules, the Aseret Hadibrot, and then Hashem said, as He held Har Sinai over our heads: Now you have breirah chofshi, you get to make your own choices; you get to be responsible and accountable for your own actions.

It is interesting that Shavuos


It’s a Crying Shame

The jarring news this week came from the closing of the Early Childhood Center at Temple Emeth, on Windsor Road in Teaneck. The venerable program was established 20+ years ago, and grew into a vibrant pre-school center that infused toddlers from all walks of Jewish life with an enthusiasm for Judaism and built bridges of understanding between very different families.


Casting Your Ballot is Vitally Important

The first political lesson we learned from the Holocaust is that if you can cast your ballot in an election, no matter how minor, you need to do so. If you do not, you may wake up one morning and find out that your right to vote has been taken from you. The way we see it, freedom is a privilege you earn in the voting booth. The low turnout of voters in the Teaneck


Congratulating the Winners and Saying Goodbye

JLBC congratulates Lizette Parker, Jason Castle, Allan Sohn and Elie Katz on their election to the town council. We wish them all the success in the world as they deal with serious issues facing township residents in these tough economic times. We also want to thank Adam Gussen, Yitz Stern and Eric Brauer for their decades worth of dedicated service to the people of


An Open Letter to the Teaneck Community

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

It has been a privilege and an honor serving the Township of Teaneck since 1990.  I have always viewed my time in public service not as a job, but as a unique opportunity.  Serving as your voice in our municipal government afforded me the chance to advocate on your behalf and to champion the issues that are important to


JLBC Endorses Adam Gussen, Eric Brauer, Elie Katz and Yitz Stern

The four candidates we are endorsing, between them have well more than 60 years as volunteer public servants in Teaneck. (Yes, there is a small stipend, but that barely covers their time and expenses). All of them have proven records of service above and beyond the call of duty. All four, in various capacities, have heard virtually every complaint that could possibly


An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Project Ezrah, Tomchei Shabbos and other local tzedakah organizations have people working overtime to meet the demands of families staggering under the economic crunch suffocating the middle class since 2008. Everyone knows someone who is hurting, and everyone knows parents who are struggling, for the sake of their commitment to Orthodox Judaism to meet tuition bills


Clothes Do Not Make the Man

Ehud Barak told a reporter she understood when she thanked him for putting an end to Oslo at Taba. Oslo happened because Yasir Arafat said he recognized Israel as a Jewish state, and then, when push came to shove at Taba, he walked away and started the Second Intifada—choosing to remain a terrorist instead of becoming a statesman. On his last day in office, Bill


No Character References for Child Molesters

For years it has been common practice for leaders of the Jewish community to act as character references, especially when someone gets into trouble with the law. Usually the crimes are misdemeanors or white collar crimes. But we cannot see how Jewish leaders, can ever offer character references for those who admit to committing crimes against children. We believe that


End the Humiliation of Israel’s Diplomats

New York—I started writing this article during the first Israeli Foreign Ministry strike a few months ago, but was reluctant to publish it because of my personal predilection against involvement in internal governmental matters of this kind. Visiting Israel at the time, I was stunned by the public’s indifference to the strike and the dismissive attitude towards


It’s Not Really About the IDF, You Know.

We Jews are a stiff-necked people, and sometimes Hashem pounds on us to force us to understand that achdus is the key to Jewish survival in a post-Holocaust world, not sinat chinom. Jewish history is replete with epic battles between the left and right, religiously and politically, even since before Yetziat Mitzrayim and the destruction of the Batei Mikdash.  Frum


Our Pre-Purim Commitment & Reminder

While working away on our first weekly issue, l’kovod Purim, we were called to account for the too sharp tone and tenor of recent letters to the editor. This reminded us that we can be more respectful of each other, and WE will do better in the future. Our goal going forward is to stick to the issues that our community is confronting and avoid – as best we can –