July 17, 2024
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July 17, 2024
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Everything You Need to Know About Wigs for the Upcoming Pesach Season

This past week, I had the privilege of discussing upcoming wig and hair trends with Channa Loebenstein Fischer of The Jewish Link on their link live social media Q&A. For those that may have missed it, here’s a recap of everything you need to know for the upcoming Pesach season.

Q: What are some spring trends to look out for in the hairstyle world?

A: The first place we turn to for hair inspiration is always the fashion runway. Spring 2022 shows have been a push/pull between ultra sleek and ultra casual. Slick, straight, flat ironed-looking hair enhanced with shine prays have been a popular look, as well as no-fuss, low-maintenance hair texture, such as the brushed-out beach wave. The middle part is a trend that is here to stay. All kinds of hair clips, clips embellished with crystals, bold colors and patterned snap clips, and bold colored head scarves are being used to enhance hair styles. Sleek low buns are being done both casually for every day as well as dressed up low chignons for weddings.

What is the best way for wig wearers to prepare for the upcoming Pesach travel season?

Always best to plan in advance. Anticipate ahead of time what type of wigs you will need depending on your travels. If you are going someplace hot, make sure you have comfortable lightweight wigs and falls that you will enjoy wearing. As wig styles and curls tend to fall in the heat, make sure to style your wig so that it will look best for the climate you’re visiting. Straight is very trendy this season and is an easy, no-maintenance look while traveling. If you will be active on your travels, be sure to have a piece that can easily be pulled into a pony or off your face so that you can enjoy the activity while looking stylish. Make sure you pack enough wigs. I usually suggest around three for Pesach, one dressy for Seders, shul and meals, another Shabbat afternoon-type style for hanging out by the pool and Chol Hamoed evening meals, and one very comfortable and casual piece for Chol Hamoed activities.

Color is key. You will be taking many family photos and want to make sure your wig looks its best. Wigs oxidize over time, meaning they look orange/reddish on top of the wig, and this coloring difference is even more noticeable in pictures. You need to re-root your wig about every 6 months to prevent this from happening. Since coloring a wig is time consuming, now is the time to drop off wigs that need to be colored for Pesach.

Be sure to pack your wig properly so that it maintains the style while traveling. We sell easy-to- use, non-bulky travel wig bags. For air travel, you can also purchase a travel wig case with collapsible wig head on Amazon. Alternatively, on my Instagram page @sariswigs you can find a video on how to pack a wig using a silk scarf, socks and a shoebox.

If you have bangs or a set style you would like to preserve while traveling, purchase velcro rollers and place them in your bangs and or other areas in the wig that might get bent when the box gets shifted during traveling. Make sure to remember to pack your wig grips as well as any necessary tools and sprays you will need to touch up your wig.

What are your best tips for long term wig maintenance?

Proper care and maintenance requires taking it to a professional for wash and sets. A professional knows how to handle the hair so that the hair will not slip through the cap during a wash. Professionals also know how to style the hair with heat while protecting the hair from getting burnt. Take your wigs for regular deep conditioning, especially during the winter months, when the hair tends to get dried out and knotty.

Maintaining the color of your wig around every 6 months is crucial. Waiting too long between colors will prevent your wig from being able to be restored to the original color. Wigs oxidize (turn orange and red), especially on top, and need to be re-rooted every six months; highlights need to be toned to prevent them from turning too orange or too yellow/ brassy in color. Blondes tend to turn brassy quickly and should occasionally be washed with a purple or blue shampoo to give them a subtle toning between colorings.

Lace top wigs need proper maintenance for them to maintain their natural look. About every four months, the lace by the hair line needs to be taken in so that it lays flat, since it stretches with time. Also, the fine baby hairs by the hairline need to be filled in, along with any hair that has fallen out on the top part of the lace. These are considered regular maintenance needed with lace pieces.

What can Sari’s Wigs offer for wig wearers ahead of Pesach?

Modern women are extremely busy juggling so much. They need an easy, comfortable, no fuss wig that they don’t feel on their heads throughout the day. My expertise is in properly fitting women to provide them with maximum comfort. Proper fit is key! I also have endless solutions to adjust wigs to make them most comfortable for any type of head shape or sensory issues. I am trained to see the anatomy of one’s bone structure and know which type of caps will be most comfortable and natural looking on them.

My clients are blown away by my new line of wigs. They can not believe how comfortable and lightweight they are. They are so happy to be both fashionable and comfortable at the same time.

A specialty of mine is coloring. I have a flair for picking the perfect color to enhance one’s complexion and being able to add just the right amount of pop to make one’s wig unique to them. I help women of all ages transition to their new fresh look, giving them the confidence to become the best version of themselves so they can stand out in a crowd. This season we will see richer and bolder colors than in the past. Blondes will be more buttery, caramels will be brighter and browns will be richer, so be sure to add a little more color pop to your wig for Pesach this year!

Sari Friedbauer is the owner of Sari’s Wigs, located in Teaneck. She is a licensed cosmetologist and certified wigmaker. She is available for consults and can be reached via text at 201-694-5319.

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