December 2, 2023
December 2, 2023

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Factors to Consider Before Revamping Your Wig

With Pesach just around the corner, and sheitel sales popping up everywhere, you’ve probably started thinking about that new wig style you would like to try for this season. You may be wondering, do I need to buy a new wig to achieve that look? Or can I use that wig in my closet that I never wear—or even revamp my current wig— to achieve a new fresh look? When women are considering revamping an older wig, the first question they usually ask me is, “Is it worth it to invest into this wig, or does it pay to just get a new one?” Below are some factors to consider in deciding whether to revamp and invest into an older wig.

Consider the age of the wig: Although there are always exceptions, generally speaking, mid- range wigs last an average of three years, while higher end wigs can last as long as six years. Past a wig’s “expiration date,” the wigs usually won’t hold the color or style very well. Generally, I don’t recommend investing heavily in wigs past this time frame, unless the hair and cap are both in excellent condition and it’s a piece that you love.

Consider cap condition: Caps get a lot of wear and tear and often they get small holes, which is completely normal and can easily be sewn up. They also often stretch as they are washed, and over time, the elastic loses its elasticity. Caps can be taken in and new elastic can be replaced, but if the cap looks worn out on the inside, you should probably hold off on majorly investing into this wig.

Fit and comfort: If it’s a wig that fits you perfectly, and is also comfortable, both of which can be hard to find, I strongly recommend investing in this piece and maintaining it well so that it can last you. To maintain a piece well, I recommend taking it only to professionals to have it washed. Have the wig deep conditioned periodically. Check in with a wig colorist every 6 months to see if it needs color or toning. If you see hair loss or wefts falling off, have it replaced and resewn before the issue gets worse.

Hair condition: Every sheitel is unique, as they are completely made out of human hair. Since hair is a natural human source, there are several factors as to why some hair will last longer and be healthier and more lustrous than other hair. Upon purchase, some of the factors are impossible to predict. However, there are several ways to protect the hair so that it can last longer. When the wig is not being worn, wrap it in a silk scarf to preserve the moisture in the hair. Keep it away from heat (especially when cooking) and store it out of sunlight to prevent oxidation. Always make sure it is being washed by a reputable professional that uses salon-grade products. Never apply heat without first using heat protectant spray, which will protect the hair from heat damage. Avoid overstyling the wig. If the condition of the hair was compromised, even if it is a fairly new piece, do not heavily invest into this piece, as no matter what you do, the overall look of the wig will be lifeless. On occasion, I have seen some older pieces where the hair was in such great condition that I recommended to the client to revamp their wig to a more current look. It is best to consult with a trusted and creative wig professional to advise you whether it pays to revamp an oldie or to invest in a new piece.

Color: If you have never been happy with the color of your wig, despite taking it to an expert colorist, chances are you purchased the wrong color tone. If so, you will constantly be fighting the hair to either ash it out or to add warmth to it. I suggest you stop investing in this piece, as you will be wasting hundreds of dollars each year and never be truly satisfied!

There are so many factors to consider in refurbishing a wig, including cut, color, repairs and adding lace fronts or baby hairs. Before investing, consider the overall expense of redoing the wig to make you completely happy with it, then compare that price to the price of buying the wig of your dreams. Sometimes you can save several hundred dollars with just a few tweaks to an older piece,while other times, with all the necessary work needed, you may be spending close to the price of buying a new wig. In that case save yourself an expensive headache that may not turn out as you expected, and enjoy your new purchase!

Sari Friedbauer is the owner of Sari’s Wigs. She is a licensed hairdresser and certified wigmaker. She is available for consultations and can be reached at (201) 694-5319..

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