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Caliber 3, based in Gush Etzion and with locations across Israel, was established in 2004 by Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Col. Sharon Gat (Res.) and is recognized as the largest and premier counterterror and security training academy in Israel, and one of the top institutions of its kind in the world. Caliber 3 is contracted by the Israeli police, army and other Israeli security organizations to provide its personnel with state-of-the art training to help protect both public and private institutions across the country.

What distinguishes Caliber 3 from other institutions is that it strives to instill in all who walk through its gates—professional and civilian equally—with a passion and sense of responsibility for protecting the State of Israel, and the Jewish People wherever they may be. It means training with the Jewish heart and soul.

Tourist Programs

Over the years, Caliber 3 Israel has expanded its offerings beyond the professional sphere and has opened its doors to local civilians and tourists as well. For those visiting Israel, Caliber 3 offers individuals and groups various programs that provide an inside, hands-on view on how Israeli elite counter-terror units operate. From our popular “shooting adventure” where visitors participate in a live-fire counterterror demonstration, learn shooting techniques and of course shoot, to Krav Maga, Urban Combat Paintball and more, visitors learn from active IDF special forces members the values that guide the IDF and a love of Israel. (www.caliber3range.com)

Israel Summer Boot Camp

Values and a deep love of Israel are just some of our core beliefs that guided us in rolling out our unique summer experience for boys (10th-12th grade). This one-of-a-kind summer program takes the expertise and facilities that only Caliber 3 Israel can offer and combines them into a meaningful and educational program whose lessons the boys take with them for the rest of their lives. Set in a Modern Orthodox environment, the experience includes basic boot camp training, Krav Maga, shooting skills, navigation, weekly tours, camp activities and a lot more—all designed to infuse campers with a sense of honesty, leadership, teamwork and confidence. (www.caliber3bootcamp.com)

U.S.A and International

It’s with the core sense of responsibility that Caliber 3 has expanded beyond the borders of Israel in order to share our expertise with the outside world and specifically to Jewish communities. With facilities now in the Ukraine and our newest facility in Southington, Ct., we offer the same top flight security solutions as in Israel for both professionals and civilians. In the U.S. we also offer individual, group and community security and awareness courses, weapons training and independent, in-person, professional assessments of a community’s security set-up, with a focus on the safety of Jewish communities. (www.caliber3usa.com)

To take advantage of any of our programs please contact us at:

Caliber 3 Israel

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Caliber 3 Israel Summer Boot Camp

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Caliber 3 U.S.A

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