Monday, June 05, 2023

Anyone looking to visit Jerusalem and who thinks they know the Inbal should check again, according to Alex Herman, the Inbal’s VP of Sales & Marketing. As Alex explained ably to me after a recent trip to the US, the Inbal Hotel, one of Jerusalem’s finest hotels, has recently gone through a complete renovation of its rooms, suites, and public areas. Modern décor, smart bathrooms, new carpeting, and wood-paneled walls, are providing a fresh new look to this iconic hotel.

Herman, a resident of Chashmonaim and neighbors to many olim from our area, explained to me that “The Inbal is a bespoke hotel so it is important to make sure our ‘look’ is always contemporary and that our renovations keep the Inbal cutting edge in luxury and comfort.”

We spoke about who is coming to stay at the Inbal today and he noted that he definitely feels that he gets many people from our area and of course, like any good hotelier, wants more to come as well. I promised to help him spread the word about the Inbal.

Situated in Jerusalem’s most coveted area, many rooms offer stunning views of the Old City, a base for international visitors as well as affluent Israelis. According to Alex, the hotel took advantage of these upgrades to add a new room category, the Old City Suite, a spacious three bedroom suite overlooking Old Jerusalem. All rooms now feature an espresso machine and tea set; complimentary snacks such as fresh fruit and macaroons. All TVs have been replaced with new LED TV’s. All bathrooms have been renovated and are finished with marble walls. Both hotel guests and day guests may use the spa, the fitness center and the heated swimming pool.

The newly upgraded spacious Laromme Executive Suites and InSuites boost a contemporary design. Upgrades include rain showers in the bathrooms with large thirsty towels and Sabon Toiletries, along with the LED TVs in the bedrooms. Guests in these suites have access to the elegant Executive Lounge which has also just been renovated and where complimentary snacks are available all day, starting with a complete breakfast. A complimentary full bar is available from 6:00 pm to 10:30 pm. The Executive Lounge is on the ninth floor with breathtaking views. Each of the Family Rooms at the Inbal holds two adults and two children. Family units include two interconnecting rooms with an outside door. Parents may leave their internal doors open, allowing easy exchange between the rooms while closing the external door and maintaining their privacy. There is a master bath and a separate bathroom for the children. Family suites and rooms are on the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh floors.

The Inbal provides a host of activities for children including arts and crafts, aerobics, Playstation tournaments, chocolate workshops, movies and more.

Other renovated suites include the Corner Suite, with a stylish living room and bedroom and views of the Old City from three directions. The Penthouse Suite is a uniquely Jerusalem synthesis of the old and the new. The suite’s spacious balcony, facing the Old City walls, is the perfect place to relax and unwind. The Presidential Suite is being totally re-done and is the most luxurious and largest suite at the Inbal with three spacious rooms and a balcony.

Alex explained that the renovations were just finished in December and visitors over yeshiva break got to experience the new rooms and settings. He noted that reservations have been still holding strong and steady this year and he hopes that will only continue and grow. He emphasized that the hotel has a number of great upcoming packages and deals for families and for 3-night stays.

One deal worth mentioning here is the opportunity for parents visiting their children studying in Israeli yeshivot to have their child stay with them for free at the Inbal. Interesting concept, I felt, and it would and should be attractive to many in our community who go to Israel to visit their children.

For more information or reservations, visit [email protected] or www. Inbalhotel.com. When you call or email, tell Alex you read about it in the Jewish Link!

By Moshe Kinderlehrer

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