Monday, March 27, 2023

1. If I send my children to Ben Porat Yosef, can I eat rice on Pesach?

2. If I don’t like going to school dinners, do I have any choice but to send my children to Yeshivat He’Atid?

3. If someone in my shul donates a kidney, do we say tachanun that day?

4. If I don’t drive a blue or black Honda Odyssey, will my children get a shidduch?

5. While visiting Israel should I drink Chalov Akum instead of Chalov Yisroel?

6. Which Pesach program should I attend with my family: The one that has no gebrochts but allows mixed swimming or the one that has gebrochts and no mixed swimming? Is it ok if it’s not gebrochts but the tea room is not open 24 hours?

7. If I have to park at Cedar Market on Thursday afternoon, should I bentch gomel on Shabbos?

8. Are the Teaneck municipal buildings closed during Yeshiva Week?

9. Since the Turtle Back Zoo is not in the West Orange Eruv, how can I bring snacks for the giraffes?

10. Every time I go to Florida the only people I see there live in my neighborhood. Do other people live in Florida? Is this why Al Gore lost the 2000 election?

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