Saturday, April 01, 2023

10. Be sure to take the liver out of your turkey before you slice it – I mean cook it!

9. Hamantashen are not to be filled with cheese—that’s for Shavuos.

8. Black Russians only refer to the name of the drink—not people.

7. Chicken feet are not for those who are afraid.

8. Pigs in blankets are not referring to your child’s blankie, and the pigs in them are kosher.

6. Always check food from Chopstix for splinters.

5. When separating eggs do not show preferences.

4. Toad in the hole breakfasts are not kosher if made with actual toads.

3. Vodka means water in Russian, so you can just substitute vodka for water in all recipes.

2. Do not play hopscotch while drinking actual Scotch. You will fall over.

1. Don’t dunk your hamantashen in the chicken soup. That makes it gebrochts.

By Glina Nick

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